How To Motivate Yourself

It is natural for your willpower to deplete during the day. Biological factors like napping, eating or resting can help to recharge your willpower but there are other, more effective ways to motivate yourself.

#1 Break A Task Down

Big tasks will drain your willpower quickly. Procrastination is a direct consequence of tasks that are too big to accomplish at once.

If your task is to lose 60 pounds you may be motivated for two weeks before you give up.

If your task is to write a book with 800 pages you may give up after the first 150 pages.

If your task is to climb the Mount Everest you will probably not even start at all.

The trick is to break those tasks down into very, very small goals. Our brain likes to accomplish goals and accomplishing a lot of small goals will flood your body with dopamine which keeps you motivated.

Set the goal to lose two pounds. And once you lost them set the goal to lose another two pounds. And another two pounds. Losing two pounds is easy. Losing 60 pounds isn´t.

Write one page a day instead of focusing on writing the whole book. Just one page a day. It takes less than 30 minutes to do that. You accomplish a small goal every day.

Our willpower is almost unlimited but our brains are programmed to save energy whenever possible. Your brain doesn´t want you to waste your precious energy on big tasks. Smaller tasks that are easy to accomplish are fine.

Set the bar low and break down your goals into tiny tasks that only take a short amount of time to accomplish.

#2 Talk Yourself Into Success

Use self-talk to convince yourself that you are able to reach your goals.

If you are telling yourself subconsciously that you are going to fail anyway you WILL fail. Tell yourself that you will reach your goal no matter what for a long time you WILL accomplish your goal.

You don´t need someone else to motivate you as long as you gain control over your own mind. Write down every small success on your journey and look back at them when you are starting to lose motivation.

Telling yourself that you have unlimited willpower can help, too. The truth is: If you believe you have limited willpower you are right. If you believe you have unlimited willpower you are right, too!

In theory humans have unlimited willpower. In reality your brain doesn´t want you to access this unlimited amount of willpower to save energy. Once you believe in unlimited willpower you will start to learn how to tap into your willpower and gain endless discipline.

#3 Think About Your Why

Think about the reason you want to accomplish the goal you set.

Maybe you want to lose weight to find a partner. Maybe you want to establish yourself as an author. Maybe you want to make a ton of money. Maybe you want to help others to avoid the mistakes you made.

There is no wrong reason to do anything. Take a piece of paper and write down exactly why you want to accomplish your goal. Do not censor yourself, just let your thoughts spill on the sheet.

Read your reason why at least once a day. Add points to your paper if your Why changes. Keep it up to date.

You do not have to share your Why with anyone if you don´t want to. Your reason may be very personal but it has to be important enough to you to stick to your goals. If your Why is not strong enough you are about to fail.

#4 Change Your Opinion Of Yourself

If you call yourself an athlete you are very likely to behave like an athlete.

If you see yourself as an author you will read and write a lot.

If you call yourself lazy every day you will become lazy.

The way you see yourself is crucial for your success. This is tied closely to #2. Self-talk can help you build a new identity and form a new image of yourself. Your subconscious mind listens to everything you say or think.

Your own thoughts are the only thing you have full control over. Use that to your advantage, fellow superhero!

Try to call yourself a health-nut for two months. Talk to yourself about how crazy you are about healthy food and fitness. You will notice that the image of yourself starts to change. You subconsciously start to make healthier choices which require less willpower.

Use positive self-talk like “I can”, “I am” and “I will”. It works better than “I am not”, “I can not”, etc.

It is normal to feel weird during the first weeks practicing self-talk but you will get used to it soon. And the benefits you reap are endless!

Every step on its own will already bring you closer to success. Combine all four tips for unlimited willpower to reach any goal you put your mind on.

Stay strong, fellow superhero, and never quit!

Steak And Eggs: The Most Effective Diet In Existence

I´ll be honest with you: I don´t like eating vegetables. I only eat the minimum amount required to calm my guilty conscience.

Like most people I fell into the trap of believing that eating a lot of vegetables will assist my weight loss. But after every meal that was only salad, tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach I felt worse than before. I wasn´t satiated, I wasn´t feeling energized and I didn´t want to work out at all. Continue reading “Steak And Eggs: The Most Effective Diet In Existence”

Why NoFap Works

When I first heard about the NoFap Movement I laughed out loud. Abstinence from masturbation was praised as the ultimate cure for all evil in the world. Were people starting to become scared of their own sexuality? What kind of nonsense was this?

According to the leaders of the movement the benefits of NoFap include but are not limited to:

  • clarity of mind

  • cure for depression

  • more energy

  • clean skin

  • reduced anger

  • no sugar cravings

  • more respect from women

And while I still don´t believe everything that this claimed above I have heard enough success stories to dive further into this movement. I have read dozens of success stories. And dozens of parodies.

The rules of NoFap are simple: no porn, no masturbation. Having sex with one or multiple partners is allowed, though.

It´s not only porn-addicts who join the NoFap movement. No, the movement is very heterogeneous with people (mostly men) from every social class and country.

The health benefits of masturbation can be found in every sex-positive magazine you open. And while it may be true that frequent masturbation can lower the risk for prostate cancer physical health is not the primary reason why people join the NoFap movement.

And once I understood the real reason why NoFap works I was stunned.

NoFap deals with the biggest problem in our modern society: instant gratification. People nowadays want everything right now. They can not wait. They can not abstain from an instant dopamine rush to focus on long term goals.

And the short satisfaction gained from masturbation is exactly that: a form of instant gratification.

You don´t need to find a partner, go on dates and deal with hours of foreplay when masturbating. You get the instant reward without needing to put in the work first. And while this behavior is not unhealthy in itself it surely is addicting.

It is no secret that success is only possible once gratification is delayed. The reward only comes to you after you put in effort and time. Masturbating on the other hand requires no time or effort. Therefore, it does not lead to success.

On top of that is an orgasm the strongest of all natural pleasures. Even stronger than the instant gratification that comes with sugary foods or consuming unnecessary goods.

Our brains are hard-wired to LOVE orgasms. This mechanism ensures that you will spill your seed and create offspring. But it was meant as a tool to find a partner, build a safe place together and finally mate. Just as our love for sugary foods was a tool for survival when carbohydrates were hard to find.

Humans want to spend as little energy as possible on the task ahead. Watching porn requires less energy than finding a human partner which makes becoming addicted to masturbation even easier.

It is safe to say that masturbation is the strongest form of instant gratification that exists today.

Cutting out the instant gratification from masturbation depletes the dopamine in your brain. Because dopamine keeps you alive your brain will start to look for other sources of dopamine, resulting in higher energy levels and more creativity.

Creative work is the BEST source of dopamine. Creating art or similar tasks floods your body with dopamine resulting in a natural reward. The difference is that you first had to put in the time and effort to achieve this reward.

This does not mean that you have to stop masturbating. There are dozens of sources for instant gratification in your life like hot showers, sugary foods, alcohol, watching movies etc. You can delay gratification in many, many ways.

NoFap is the easiest and most effective way to deplete your dopamine but it is NOT the only one!

But most people don´t know about the harmful effects of instant gratification. Of course their lives will be better once they stop masturbating! It is only because their brain starts looking for other sources of dopamine. It is NOT because masturbation in itself is harmful for your mind!

That´s what the NoFap movement gets wrong.

Every method of teaching your mind that you need to put in time and effort to reap rewards will show results. Not just NoFap.

There is actual science behind NoFap. It definitely works. But I still doubt that masturbation is the cause of acne or depression.

Do you have any experience with NoFap, fellow superhero? Please share your thoughts with us below!

How To Make A Girl Like You

Whenever I watch guys “flirting” with a girl they like I cringe. It´s just horrible to watch how they are practically begging to fail. As a real superhero you should know how to appear attractive to a person you are interested in.

Remember Tony Stark´s charisma. He can get every girl he likes WITHOUT manipulating her into something she doesn´t want. You can be just like him. Continue reading “How To Make A Girl Like You”