7 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Your Life

Social Media is everywhere these days. Just sit outside a café and watch the other people around you. What are they doing?

Older people are often talking to each other while enjoying their coffee. But most people younger than 50 are glued to their smartphones.

They´re browsing endless Instagram- and Facebook-feeds, uploading pictures and posts waiting for “Likes” for a cheap dopamine rush.

They´re consuming and consuming; their brains never get to take a quick break from the constant flood of information.

#1 Social Media drains your energy

If you work hard you need to take breaks. There´s no arguing with that, but do you really take a break when you are not working?

More likely you are checking out some new pictures on Instagram or Snapchat.

Your brain needs breaks from time to time. If you constantly shove new information from your Social Media feed in your face your head will start to feel foggy soon.

Just enjoy your break staring out of the window dreaming. That´s healthier for your brain.

#2 Social Media makes it impossible to focus

If you´re like most people your smartphone is always around you. Maybe you keep it in your pocket, maybe it lays on your desk the whole day.

And like most people you probably check your Social Media at least once an hour. You just want to “catch up with friends or the news”. That´s not harmful, is it?

But as soon as you open your feed your mind gets distracted and you can´t focus on the task you should be caring about.

Looking at Social Media breaks your work flow and makes you unproductive. Leave your smartphone somewhere out of sight. You don´t want to get tempted to interrupt your flow for some unimportant selfie.

#3 You get dependent on other people´s approval

Taking a selfie because you like the way your hair looks today is unproblematic. All superheroes are allowed to be proud of themselves.

But only taking selfies to upload them and ask for approval online is an unhealthy behavior.

You will only be disappointed by the lack of “Likes” on your selfie which makes you feel bad about yourself.

And if your friend´s picture gets more “Likes” than yours you will feel even sadder. It´s a pointless race with no winner.

No good superhero will ever brag about how great they are.

#4 You let Social Media dictate what you do

Some people just go to the gym to tell their “Followers” about it on Facebook. Their readers will feel bad about themselves because they didn´t do any sports that day and the poster gets a rush of dopamine from their failure.

That´s the opposite of what a superhero should do.

A superhero does what they like and think is right. If you do something just to post about it on Social Media you are doing something wrong.

#5 You spend less quality time with people you care about

If you are with your fellow superheroes/family/friends you should be enjoying yourself, not feeling the need to catch up with your favorite Instagram model´s pictures.

Less eye contact and less laughter means you are spending not enough quality time with your group. You don´t want to feel lonely surrounded by friends.

You are missing out on great times if you just mindlessly browse your feed.

If all of the people you are trying to spend time with are glued to their screens ask them for an evening without smartphones. Once they are convinced they will be happy about that decision and enjoy themselves more.

#6 You are tempted to share too much information

Because you can see other people having a great time on your feed 24/7 you are tempted to post too much information about yourself.

A drunk selfie on a party, an after-sex selfie, a post about how much you miss your ex-partner or how much you hate your boss.

I promise you: The five minutes of approval from strangers on the internet aren´t worth ruining your relationship or getting in trouble with your boss.

It´s natural to want to be involved but don´t overshare. Most people don´t even care and you won´t feel better afterwards. A diary is a better option.

#7 You forget how it feels to be bored

Being bored is extremely important for us humans. You may think of daydreaming as a waste of time but it makes you creative and helps you cope with stressful situations.

The best ideas always come to you when you are bored. You´re body and mind get a chance to relax.

Embrace the boredom and focus more on yourself to become a modern superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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