Hard Work vs Talent

I also write a lot of fiction and I can´t tell how often I hear how “talented” I are.

The truth is: No, I´m not talented.

I just started writing when I was six years old (and had just learned how to write) and never stopped writing since. That´s hundreds and thousands of hours of practice. It is impossible to not get better if you practice daily.

But what´s deal about talent? For some reason, people are obsessed with talent, especially when it´s about kids who learned to play the guitar as five year olds.

The thought about being able to do something difficult (seemingly) without putting in the work first is fascinating.

I´m very sorry (no, I´m not) to announce you that there is no thing such as talent. Talent is learned, even at a young age. Nobody can sing, write or draw perfectly directly after being born.

The five year old you saw on YouTube had probably spend two hours a day playing the guitar for the last two years. That´s over 700 hours of practice.

If you practiced two hours a day for two years you would be considered pretty talented even if you suck at this specific task today. You just have to start.

Since there´s no thing such as talent that´s good news for you! Because it means even if your average at your desired skill today you can still learn and practice until you are above average.

Yes, I´d like to have a super-soldier-serum that makes me a superhero overnight, too. But hard work beats talent every time.

If you want to shoot like Hawkeye start practicing today.

If you want to fight like Black Widow start training today.

If you want to build an armor like Iron Man start learning about it today.

Once you started “talent” is all about consistency. You can not expect to become a superhero at your skill during two weeks, so don´t be discouraged by only small progress. Every kind of progress is better than quitting.

Superheroes never quit!

After six months of daily practice you should be already better at your skill than everyone else in your family.

After a year you will be far above average. As long as you don´t chose drawing (there are way too many great artists these days) you should be able to make money from your skill after about two years of practice. Writing may take a little bit longer but doesn´t have to.

You can monetize your skill by teaching it or giving online courses to reach a wider audience. If your skill involves producing something new like writing or working with wood you can sell your product online.

The possibilities are endless once you mastered your skill (but you do not need to be a master to monetize your skill – you just need to be above average).

Even though you can master dozens of skills during your lifetime I advise you to only practice one skill at a time. Everything else will slow your progress.

On the other hand, variety in your daily practicing schedule might help keeping you motivated. Just find the best way for you to achieve your goals but start today.

Starting is even more important than staying consistent. Nothing stops you from becoming a modern superhero as long as you start and keep going no matter what!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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