You Can Change Your Life Anytime

This blog will help you becoming a modern superhero but chances are the life of a superhero will look very differently from your life right now.

So, to become a superhero you need to make changes.

Change sounds scary for most people. Leaving old habits behind, working on yourself and changing relationships with your social circle requires discipline, strength and courage.

It´s probably similar to the feeling you got when you moved out. Leaving your old home and starting anew elsewhere. Do you remember those times? They were exciting and scary at the same time but you managed to do it anyways. You see, you already have the courage and strength, you just need the willpower to change.

Good news ahead: You can change your life anytime.

There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING stopping you from changing your life.

Not your boss, not your family, not your financial situation. Those are excuses to not do anything at all.

If you really, really wanted to change your life you would be able to overcome these obstacles. Our brains are problem-solving-machines. That´s how the human species got to the top of the food chain, so don´t tell me you can´t think of a way to make your dreams come true.

Don´t make excuses. Start thinking about the problem and working your way around the obstacles you are faced with. That is exactly what superheroes do. If you hide behind your excuses you can never become a superhero, sorry!

A superhero doesn´t need permission from someone else to go after what they want. They decide they want it and then start working towards the goal. No excuses. No whining about how hard it is.

Iron Man built his first armor in a cave in the desert surrounded by terrorists. He could have made excuses but he didn´t. He solved the problem in his head first and then got to work.

You do not need permission to change your life!

Sometimes the circumstances force you to change but more often than not it is only your own fear holding you back from achieving your goals.

Fear is normal and healthy to feel but fear must never dictate the way you move through life. People who never achieve something great in their life listen to their fears. A superhero may be scared but they get the job done anyway.

You don´t need to face your biggest fear right away. If you want to practice first change only small things in your life until you become deaf to your fears and other people´s opinions.

But if you want to you can change your whole life right now. 99% of the time your fears are irrational. Once you understand that the fears will become meaningless.

As long as you are an adult only the law restricts you. The law and the limits in your head. As soon as you get used to the thought of overcoming all of society´s expectations towards you, you will truly be free.

But if you are still waiting for a sign that you are allowed to change your life – here it is! Go out and become a modern superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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