Why “Superfoods” Are A Waste Of Money And What To Eat For Superhero-Strength

Take a random magazine and take a look at their lifestyle-section. I bet you will find something like this:

Try this superfood for health!

This thousand year old superfood from south America will melt your belly fat away!

New superfood supercharges your energy!

Spoiler alert: it´s almost always blueberries, quinoa, chia or oatmeal. They are all marketed as superfoods that help you lose fat and be healthy. And because they are superfoods, they have to be expensive. Because they are SUPER-foods!!!

If you mix together blueberries, quinoa and oatmeal in a bowl you should get a supermeal, right? Maybe add some greek yoghurt and the best you have is a dessert, not a meal that satiates you or gives you energy during the day.

You probably wouldn´t be able to live on these superfoods for two weeks straight without having cravings and becoming aggressive.

Here are some foods you rarely or never see listed as superfoods: eggs, fatty fish, butter and red meat.

Here are some foods that help you become lean and give you energy for hours: eggs, fatty fish, butter and red meat.

If you plan your meals around those foods you will rarely experience cravings or hunger pangs. All the fat and protein will satiate you for hours AND will make you lose fat over time.

While fat sure has a lot of calories it also curbs your hunger. You can eat only so much eggs before you feel satisfied.

Protein is hard to break down for the body. About 30 percent of the energy protein provides will be used just for digestion. That´s how protein makes you lean, fellow superheroes (but if you eat too much protein without fat you will experience protein poisoning, so don´t try that).

If you plan your meals around blueberries and oatmeal you will be hungry an hour later because of the insulin spikes you experience when eating carbs. You will have to snack constantly to be energized. That´s a lot of food preparation in advance.

Meat and eggs are real food and should be consumed daily (especially in the morning) for more energy during the day and less hunger pangs.

I had my first meal (scrambled eggs with bacon cooked in butter) today at 7 AM. It is now 2:30 PM and I only now start to feel hungry again. Between then and now I had classes, went to the gym for an intense strength training session and did the laundry afterwards. I couldn´t have done that only fueled by some fruit and oatmeal.

Stay strong and eat your superhero-foods!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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