How To Achieve Your Goals With The Power Of Your Mind

Our mind dictates our reality. I know this for a fact.

You can not win if you convince your mind that you will lose. Your mind will just accept the fact that you´ll lose without even trying to change that fate.

If you think you are beaten you are.

Positive self affirmations are one way to achieve greatness. If you convince yourself everyday that you can do the thing you are very likely to be able to do the thing.

Here are important rules for self affirmations:

Your success must be measurable.

Just convincing yourself that you will be successful won´t help you achieving your goals. Your success must be measurable in numbers. Becoming fitter is not specific enough. Lifting twice your bodyweight or losing 30 pounds is.

You must not give up.

Positive affirmations work great if you practice them over a long period of time. If you just use one for a month or two that´s not enough. You need to reinforce your positive affirmations until they become reality. Even if that takes a decade or two. As long as you don´t quit you can not fail!

You need to write them down.

You may feel silly but affirmations in your head are just thoughts that come and go. If you write them down your thoughts are suddenly physical. You can read them over and over again to yourself so you believe in them again if times are hard. Do not skip this step!

Think about your strategy.

You can´t just write down “I´m gonna be a millionaire!” without thinking about a strategy how to achieve that goal, first. If you are a salesman then think about how to increase your sales to make more money. Find solutions for problems. Your brain is a problem solving machine. If you think about a problem long enough you will find a solution. “I´m gonna be a millionaire by doing x every day and looking for ways to make x more profitable” would be a better affirmation.

Set a time limit.

Deadlines are great. As long as you set a realistic deadline it will motivate you to work even harder. Your affirmation needs to include a time limit for it to work. “I´m gonna be a millionaire by the time I turn 45 by doing x every day and looking for ways to make x more profitable” is the affirmation you will need.

Read it to yourself.

Now read your positive affirmation every day (at least twice a day, the more, the better). If you find yourself uninterested in your affirmation after only a short while then your goal maybe is not as important to you as you thought.

Stick with the affirmation until it becomes reality or give up. There is no other option. Excuses don´t count if your affirmation is strong and important enough to you. Think about your affirmations carefully before writing them down.

If you truly believe that you can reach your goal you will. If you think you are beaten you are. It´s all in your head that counts.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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