The Universe Does Not Owe You Anything

People on the internet are so entitled. I can barely read the bullshit they write. That´s the reason I quit social media some months ago (it was one of the best decisions I made this year!). Suddenly, I had to endure a lot less of entitled rage.

For some reason young people (= younger than 30, is my observation) are incredibly entitled. They think they are entitled to fame, money, love and success.

My ex-girlfriend is a good example. She was posting pictures of herself on her Instagram account for a while now and got a small following of around 800 people. The growth continued for a few weeks now so she didn´t see the need to post more pictures of herself.

After only days the growth of her account stopped and she even started loosing followers. When she noticed she posted a picture with the caption “I´m loosing followers again. It hurts.”

I couldn´t believe what I was reading. She did not post anything and expected people to follower her anyway. Of course, that is a harmless example. But it comes down to a basic principle: She did not provide any value but expected a reward anyway.

And that is an attitude that has become common during the last two decades.

I hear young men at my university complain about how they can´t find a girlfriend every other day. But those men are usually uneducated, poorly dressed and lacking social skills.

These men do not provide value for a potential lover but expect affection anyway.

If they took the time to invest in themselves they would be able to approach women in no time. Lifting weights and practicing social skills can do miracles. It is only their own attitude that prevents their success.

Everything you need to know about how to become a better person (or even a superhero) can be found online for free. Just type “better social skills” in the YouTube or Google search bar and read a dozen of articles about the subject. Or watch a few videos. Or read a book about it.

The knowledge is out there. Turn into practice what you have learned and watch yourself getting better every day.

An acquaintance of mine recently complained about how she couldn´t find someone to hire her as a singer. She was practicing daily and wanted to sing on a big stage in front of thousands of people. I asked her if she had a Facebook page or a YouTube channel where she could promote herself.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. She was a “professional”, not some “Internet clown” (her words). I told her she was wasting the potential of being heard by a larger audience. She continued to rant about how talented she was and that she just needed one chance to prove herself. I just nodded and said nothing.

If she really had the desire to prove herself she would do anything to get that chance. But complaining about how she never got a chance was easier than working towards her goal.

The Universe doesn´t owe you anything. Not a girlfriend, not fame, not a job or a car. You have to get out and get it yourself. If your desire is strong enough nothing is impossible.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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