How To Deal With Negative People

Humans are social animals. Our minds are influenced by what we see, feel, hear and think. Other people influence us every day, whether we like it or not.

But often this influence is negative. It tears you down, makes you depressed or frustrated until you give up. You don´t want that to happen!

So, what can you do about that?

It is important to remember that if you find yourself surrounded by negative people something in your life went wrong. At some point in your past you made a bad decision that lead you to this path.

But you are not lost! You can still change the direction of your journey.

Meeting negative people only means you haven´t reached your goal, yet. As long as you keep going you can still make it to your destination.

Don´t allow those negative people to tear you down with their bad influence. If you stop fighting against the negativity you are to blame for your failure. You always have a choice.

You have the choice to change the topic of the conversation if someone is about to drag you down. Ask about the positive changes in their lives. People love talking about themselves. And as long as they are telling you about their lives they can not criticize yours.

You no longer accept the negativity in your surroundings. You have made the active choice to talk about positive things. The negativity can not influence you if you focus on the positive aspects of life.

If this strategy doesn´t work just walk away from the conversation. Make an excuse and escape the circle of negativity by choice.

Maybe people will react badly to your anti-social behavior. But you do not need negative people in your life. They have the potential to kill all your ambitions. Negative people are deadly for success. No one ever accomplished anything by complaining.

If you are brave you can also tell those negative people the truth (caution: this WILL ruin some of your relationships!).

Tell them you don´t want their complaints and their negativity in your life. They can either shut up or leave. Maybe they will even think about how they could change their attitude. This certainly will not work for everyone.

Do not tolerate people spreading negative vibes!

It is easier to change your surroundings than it is to change people. If you realize that the negativity keeps spreading into your life get the hell out of there! Move houses, leave toxic relationships, start anew.

Just don´t remain passive, drowning in negativity. You need to take action, make your choices and change your surroundings if necessary. You are in full control of your life. It´s just habit and fear holding you back.

You already noticed that people around you are negative. That is already more than they noticed which gives you an advantage.

Either change people, change yourself or get out. But stop complaining! If you don´t take action your miserable situation is entirely your own fault.

Changes won´t happen overnight. But you have to start or they will never happen.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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