Once You Stop Learning You Start Dying

I spend a lot of time reading books, e-books, blogs, listening to audio books and watching animated book summaries on YouTube. I´m like a sponge – soaked with knowledge and always learning.

To get familiar with a lot of world views is essential for the successful superhero. Not everyone will share your believes about success and life in general. It is important to understand that different people with different backgrounds have different needs.

Every single person on earth is better in something than you are. That´s great news, future superhero, because it means you can learn something from every single person on earth!

Most people I know stopped learning after they graduated high school or college. Maybe they got a diploma or a PhD but few of them are considered to be experts in their field. To become an expert you need to learn more about a topic.

Your brain evolved into a problem-solving-machine. It is naturally thirsty for knowledge but this thirst is neglected by most people because learning takes effort. It means you need to leave your comfort zone and actually do something.

Even Socrates said “I know that I know nothing”. And he is considered educated and wise even today.

Accept that you know nothing and then start learning. You can become an expert in any field you chose and/or take interest in if you just learn something new every single day.

Do you remember the last time you actively learned something new? I can! It was this morning when I read about how to make people like you. I made an effort to learn about something I consider myself not good at.

A modern superhero never stops learning.

Imagine Captain America coming out of the ice and refusing to learn anything about the world´s history he had missed.

Imagine Iron Man only working with the technical knowledge he gained during his youth.

Both superheroes would be outdated in no time. The world changes faster and faster. And while you can not keep up with everything you can at least try to learn as much as possible.

Learning will only be fun if you know that the knowledge you are accumulating will be useful in your life.

Specialized knowledge for your business is useful. New techniques for your hobbies are useful. Improving social skills is useful.

If you are not interested in beauty, learning how to get your eyeliner right is useless knowledge for you.

What defines useful knowledge depends on your interests. Learning about what makes the perfect running shoes is useless for me because I am not a competitive runner. But learning about how to market an e-book on social media is useful for me.

Once you stop learning your life is over. Reaching your goals always means learning. Every journey teaches you something new about yourself and about life.

If you stop learning that means you have given up on your goals. And you will never become a modern superhero.

Set a goal to learn something new about a topic you are interested in EVERY SINGLE DAY. You will be an expert in no time. You will keep your brain healthy. You will start seeing new opportunities you didn´t notice before.

Life is all about learning. Once you stop learning you start dying.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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