Stop Talking And Start Doing

“I will go on a diet next week but right now I can still enjoy a piece of cheesecake. Or three.”

“I will start a business as soon as I have time.”

“I will do that tomorrow.”

“I will exercise on Monday, I´m too tired to go to the gym today.”

“I will become a freelancer when my kids are grown up and I don´t need to take care of them anymore.”

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!

Those are nothing more but excuses. Words are meaningless if they aren´t followed by action.

Talk about your dreams all day if you want to. But you will never achieve them if don´t get off your ass and start actually DOING something!

The time you spent talking about your goals is time you could have used to work towards your goals. It´s wasted. Nobody cares about your goals as long as you haven´t achieved them!

Stop talking and start doing! Stop reading this and get back to work! We can talk when you have achieved your goals.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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