Your Friends Determinate Your Success

Have you ever had a “Friend High”? This feeling of satisfaction after spending a great day in company with your friends. A feeling of being able to accomplish everything you ever wanted as long as your friends or family have your back.

If you do not know this feeling you should probably make new friends and get rid of the ones you have. Especially if you feel worse when spending time with “friends”. Those are toxic friendships and need to end as soon as possible.

The people you surround yourself with determinate whether you will become successful or not.

If you constantly have to convince everyone around you that you are worthy of love and respect it drains your energy. While you can not choose your family at least choose your friends wisely.

A good friend should provide you with support and the feeling of safety. A great friend will even help you grow as a person. Superheroes need their team to develop their skills and mindset.

If you and your friend have similar goals (e.g. reading x amount of self improvement books per year or loosing x amount of weight) you can motivate each other to stick with them. Talking to them about your goals may even inspire you to work harder or trigger new ideas. This is what the famous Napoleon Hill called a “Mastermind”.

Creating a mastermind should be the ultimate goal of every new friendship you start. If you want to become a superhero you absolutely DO NOT NEED friends who won´t help you become a better person. Or worse – they might want you to get down to a lower level than you are right now by talking you into bad habits like smoking and drinking.

Choosing your friends wisely is crucial for success. Being successful is way harder if everyone around you is trying to keep you down instead of lifting you up. Of course, you should provide the same benefits to your friends.

Don´t be afraid to cut out toxic people out of your life. It may hurt their feelings (and maybe yours, too) but it will pay off in the long run. Even if it means being lonely for while. Bad friends can literally ruin your life.

You don´t need to spend time with people who do not benefit you in any way. Don´t make someone your friend just because they are “not as shitty as anyone else and I don´t want to be alone in this new place”. Only socialize with people who make you feel awesome.

A superhero needs someone to count on. If the world needs to be saved again and the superhero is suddenly alone in the battle he is doomed. If he has chosen his team wisely he will have someone who has his back.

Ask yourself if you can count on your friends in every situation. Even if you ran over someone with your car or suddenly got homeless.

Yes? Great, you have found your team!

No? Get new friends! Don´t waste your time on people who aren´t worth it.

It takes courage to find new friends. Gather your team, build an alliance and take care of each other.

Avengers assemble!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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