Sugar Free June: Day One

The first day of the challenge is done!

I know from past challenges that my sugar cravings tend to get worse when I eat any kind of carbs. So I decided to keep the carbs this month at a minimum. I function very well on a low carb diet but this might not be the right decision for everyone.

My meals today consisted of eggs, cheese, bacon and some greens. The hot and humid weather curbed my appetite because I get headaches a lot when it´s hot outside. And I probably drank two gallons of water today; I couldn´t stop sweating.

The only obstacle I faced today was a friend who offered me dried cranberries (I love them). I politely declined without a problem.

I usually fast until 10 AM in the morning but today I had to eat breakfast earlier at 7 AM. The second meal was around 4 PM in the afternoon. Since I always fast for 24 hours at least one day a week my next meal tomorrow will be eaten around 4 PM as well.

Friday is my rest day so I skipped gym today but in the evening I decided to go for a long walk. Since I do not own a car I walk a lot and my counter showed 22.400 steps for today.

The first day of the challenge was great and I am very motivated to stay on track tomorrow!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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