Sugar Free June: Day Six

I did not post an update yesterday because there just wasn´t anything to write about. I had two low carb meals, went to the gym and did not stumble into any difficulties.

Today, though, I suffered from some serious cravings.

A medical exam required to not eat anything during the day and around 2 PM I became hangry. I had a big meal around 5 PM. I even ate bread today (no white bread, though)! Plus a lot of eggs and meat and greens.

Because of the medical exam I did not exercise today but I will be at the gym again tomorrow!

I expected to miss diet softdrinks a lot more than I actually do. Before the start of the challenge I drank about to glasses of diet coke a day but cutting it out is easy so far.

A nice extra: My stomach feels very tight today and I look leaner in the mirror. I plan on starting a bulk in July so getting rid of the last layer of fat doesn´t hurt.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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