How Being An Extreme Person Will Lead You To Success

The majority of people are used to being told by society or other people what to do with their lives. Going to school, going to college, working a 9-5 job, getting married, having 2.5 kids, buying a house and saving for retirement – that´s what they believe to be a perfect life. And everyone who is not content with this path is being ridiculed.

But you, future superhero, are not brainwashed into thinking that you can not change your circumstances, or you wouldn´t be reading this right now. The truth is: You are in full control over your life. If you don´t want to go to college you are free to do something else. If you never want to get married but instead want to stay on your own or share your life with five partners at the same time you are free to do so. If you would rather live in the woods than in a house with a white picket fence you are free to live there.

Listening to normal people will make you mediocre. If that´s what you want – great! You can stop reading now and go back to watching your favorite TV show. But if you want to become successful and better than average the only path that will lead you to success is to become an extreme person.

Of course, I am not talking about joining a radical cult and kill people or start an extreme sport. I am talking about leaving the path society wants you to take.

Doing mediocre things will lead to mediocre results. You can not become the next Stephen King if you write 500 words every day. You need to take writing and editing to an extreme – write 5000 words a day and edit the 5000 words you wrote yesterday for 3 hours. That´s how you become better than average.

You can not achieve extreme results with mediocre approaches. It takes extreme dedication to reach extreme goals. If you want to look like a superhero in 90 days but are 60 pounds overweight at the moment a mediocre approach of eating 500 calories below maintenance will not help you. Choose an extreme approach of only eating eggs and steak for 90 days will help you.

If you need more proof look at Olympic athletes. Michael Phelps stated he trains three to six hours a day in the water and another hour a day out of the water. If he would have listened to people on the internet crying about overtraining if you train more than 60 minutes a day three times a week he would have never made it to the Olympic team.

Extreme measures lead to extreme outcomes. You simply can not be successful if you half-ass your way through it. Your goal needs to become an obsession or you will stay mediocre. An obsession will keep your thoughts centered around your goal – even if it takes years to get where you want to be. Excuses don´t count for a superhero who is obsessed with their goal.

If you are feeling discouraged now I have some good news as well: Because 99% of people are mediocre it will be easy for you to become an extreme person. Just go to the gym six days a week and other people will already look at you as if you were crazy. They follow their mediocre approach of training with light weights three times a week to get mediocre results.

This concept is the same for any other field you want to succeed in. Just remember that most people will forever stay mediocre but you don´t have to be one of them, fellow superhero. Read one non-fiction book a week and you will already read more than 99% of the people you know. Work on your online business for just one hour a day and you will be more successful than the 99% of people who half-ass their way through life.

Becoming an extreme person is addicting once you start the journey. You will find yourself craving more knowledge, more time to spend on your goals, more of everything. You will start to look down on those who tell you that you are overworking yourself because for you it doesn´t feel like work.

Being obsessed with your goals is NOT a bad thing! That´s something mediocre people say to you because they are scared when meeting an extreme person. It means you are on the right path and leaving average people behind.

Working towards your goals 6 hours a day will lead you to success. Working towards your goals 60 minutes a day three times a week will lead you to mediocrity.

That is all you need to know to become successful. Do not waste your potential just to please people who are scared of obsession. Extreme choices lead to extreme results.

Stay strong, fellow superhero! Stay obsessed! Stay extreme!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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