Three Rules For Success In Your Life

Success. Everyone wants to be successful but only very, very few will be. You could be one of them, fellow superhero. Since you are reading this blog you are already set up for success because learning how to be successful is something only 1% of people even attempt to do.

That´s great news! You have already taken the first step towards success. Here are the next three steps you need to take:

#1 Find Your Passion

This is already a big one because it may take you months or years to find your passion. There are millions of things you could try and every single one could make you successful if you are passionate about it. Yes, even dumb things like watching soccer all day. You could become a presenter or deliver in depth analysis of the game. The possibilities are literally endless if you get a bit creative.

Do NOT listen to what society tells you about your passion. Or what your friends and parents tell you. Listening to them will discourage you. Only believe in your own thoughts because your reality is the only one you can control.

It sounds easy but it is difficult in reality. You have lived under the pressure of other people´s expectations for years, maybe decades. Breaking free requires time and a lot of courage. It is always worth it, though.

Success is the consequence of the choices you made for yourself. If you make the choice to do what others want you to your success will depend on others as well. But you are a superhero! You want to become successful not by chance but by choice!

If you make the choice to be successful you will be.

And the best way to make sure you will stick to that decision to become successful is to find your passion, your special skill and spend your life getting great at it.

#2 Always Do More Than Everyone Else

The difference between an amateur and a professional is that the professional sees himself as a professional while the amateur sees himself as an amateur. This mindset allows the professional to work harder than anyone else around him; he´s a professional after all!

I am not talking about actually working harder, though. Thinking about how you can become better at your skill or how to monetize it is part of the process. If you think 15 hours a day about your passion there is no way in hell you won´t get better at it.

Most people think about tiny, little problems all day instead of thinking about success. They overlook all the possibilities to become rich and successful because they are distracted by things that don´t matter.

While my family was watching the royal wedding I was upstairs reading about how to communicate better with potential customers. Do that for three years and think about who will be more successful. My aunt who cared more about other people´s wedding dresses or me who cared more about how to become a better salesman?

This applies to every single aspect in your life. Success is inevitable if you do enough to achieve it. The competition is nonexistent if you simply do more than anyone else and work toward getting better than anyone else.

Michael Jordan, the best basketball player in existence, is already a great athlete. He still stays a bit longer after every training with his team to work on his weaknesses. His success was not random. It was the consequence of his choices and hard work.

#3 Patience

Long-term success is more important than short-term success.

If you only ever chase after short-term success you will be burnt out in no time because short-term success is not sustainable. Your passion needs to be so strong that you want to follow it for not only 6 months but sixty years. That´s why step #1 is so important. Do something you don´t love and you will be burning out. Do something you love and the fire will keep you alive.

I will still be writing when I´m 80 years old. I do not feel the need to exhaust myself for short-term success. I know that writing everyday for the next sixty years WILL make me successful. I am a great writer and I´m deaf to everyone who wants to tell me otherwise. My passion is strong enough to keep me going.

Be yourself. You are unique, you have unique strengths and unique passions. Every superhero has unique abilities and if they learn how to properly use them they will save the earth someday.

The worst feeling in the world is someone congratulating you on something you hate to do. If you are a singer you don´t want to be praised for your ability to multiply big numbers. If you only feel alive when acting applauding you for your drawings of cats will not satisfy you. If you are a singer and sing about topics you are not passionate about you are wasting your potential.

If you haven´t found your passion, yet, do not worry. You may feel lost and empty at the moment but a few years from now you will laugh about it.

Just because some stumbles and loses their path, doesn´t mean they´re lost forever.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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