How To Spend Your Free Time Wisely

For thousands of years humans needed to work all day to provide for themselves and their families. There were no free weekends, no happy hour, no convenience, only survival of the fittest. But today food is never more than a few minutes away (if you live in a western society, that is). You do not have to spend your day hunting.

Most people work between 6-10 hours a day. If you work for 8 hours a day and sleep 8 hours every night like you should do that leaves you with 8 hours of free time. Of course, you can not use all of that time like you choose. You need to commute to work, take care of your household and perform a dozen other tasks before you can relay.

So, let´s say you have 4 hours every day to spend as you please. You could waste this precious time watching TV, creating new conspiracy theories, getting wasted or engaging in mindless gossip about celebrities. And in twenty years you will wonder where all your time went.

But there are ways to prevent that feeling. If you are serious about becoming a superhero consider doing those things in your free time.

#1 Workout

It is no exaggeration to say that exercise can change your life. Lying in a puddle of sweat after a great workout will change the way you think about yourself and your health. You do not want to ruin your progress by eating unhealthy food. And as soon as people start to comment on how much better you look your motivation will skyrocket.

Only a few decades ago the majority of people were farmers. They moved around 10 hours a day, lifting heavy things and engaging in some sort of physical activity. And before that humans were hunters, climbing tress and running from wolves all day. The modern sedentary lifestyle is unnatural for humans and it is probably killing you right now!

Without a healthy body you will not be able to enjoy living 85 years. You will get sicker and fatter every year instead of going through your days with endless energy. The less energy you have the more likely it is that you will choose an activity in your free time that doesn´t require moving around. It´s a downward spiral and you will need willpower to escape.

But once you start it will only get better. Exercise is addicting, you just have to find a sport you like. I personally recommend weight lifting to everyone. There is no downside to having a ton of muscles. But maybe you would rather play soccer or go swimming. Just choose a sport you WANT to do, not one that you feel you HAVE to.

#2 Daydream

People nowadays seem to have forgotten how to be bored. But the best ideas always come to you when you are not focusing on them. That is because our brains want to solve problems. Think about a problem often and your unconscious mind will start working on a solution. Daydreaming helps your brain to solve problems.

Quit social media and get rid of your Netflix account. Instead go for a walk in the sunlight, move your body and let your thoughts wander.

Every great artist in history was either daydreaming a lot or medicating themselves with drugs. But daydreaming and letting yourself get bored will probably work better and are healthier for your body. You don´t want to ruin your progress you made in #1, remember?

Some people say that meditation works even better. I personally learned how to meditate from a Buddhist monk in Japan. I practiced this habit for a while but never saw any benefits that I couldn´t get from daydreaming as well. If you would rather meditate please go ahead. But you should practice at least one of those habits – meditation or daydreaming.

#3 Workout Your Brain

Our brains need to solve problems to stay healthy. Just like our bodies modern people let their brains rot. They engage in mindless activities like binge-watching shows and smoking weed. But our brains are the reason why we as a human race got to the top of the food chain. No other species we know is solving problems better than we do.

There are literally endless possibilities for you to work out your brain. Learn a new language, practice how to draw, solve crossword puzzles or Sudoku, play chess and so on. If you want to start small but smart just start reading non-fiction books.

Only very few people understand the benefits of reading frequently. You can become an expert on any topic just by reading three to five books about it. There is almost no competition because scrolling through social media is so much easier than engaging your brain.

The more you learn the easier life will become. You will see new opportunities everywhere you go. Most people stop learning after they graduated college but by doing that they harm their brains. A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand.

#4 Work On Your Passion

Just because this is the last point on this list doesn´t mean it´s unimportant. It is just so obvious that I didn´t want to start the article with this tip.

Your passion is what gives your live a meaning. When you work on your passion you get into the flow where you can only focus on one thing. Being in the flow means that you have found something that has potential to become your passion.

While working on your passion is the best thing you can do in your free time you shouldn´t neglect the other three tips. Having a healthy mind and body allows you to focus better on your passion.

Your passion can be anything; drawing, dancing, working with kids, building swords, gardening, playing games with your family. Focusing on your passion will fulfill you more than the best TV show in the world. And if you become great at your preferred skill you can even make a career out of it.

I hope you have now a better understanding on how to spend your time wisely. Time is the only asset you can never gain, only lose. Spend it wisely and do what you love, fellow superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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