How To Find Your Passion And Live A Happy Life

During the last weeks I wrote about how a passion can give your life a meaning and that working on your passion is literally the best thing you can do in your free time. But there are superheroes out there who don´t even know what their passion might be.

How can you find your passion? Good news for you, fellow superhero: It is not as difficult as you think!

Get rid of the thought that you can only have one passion in your life. Over the course of a lifetime you will discover plenty of activities that you enjoy and a few that you will love. I have plenty of passions: I love writing, I love reading comics about superheroes and I love swimming. And I am sure that I will find new passions along my way.

Don´t worry if you haven´t known your passion since birth. Don´t worry if you have interest in a lot of different fields. Most people´s passions change during the years and it is never too late to discover a new passion.

Leonardo DaVinci was interested in biology, physics, art and many, many other topics. Captain America is an artist but he also mastered a dozen different fighting styles so he is very likely passionate about combat sport as well.

A passion is something that gives you a rush of dopamine – you feel happy. You need dopamine to survive but nowadays there are many ways to get a quick rush of dopamine. Eating a cookie will release dopamine in your brain. Masturbating will. Watching your favorite show will.

If you are feeling down you are craving sweets because your body craves the dopamine. This is called instant gratification and has nothing to do with finding your passion. You need to know about instant gratification anyway because these sources of dopamine are superficial. They make you happy for a few minutes but they will not bring any purpose in your life.

Building things and getting creative will make you happier in the long run because they come from within. I will tell you again and again that you can not rely on sources from outside to take care of your wellbeing.

Consumption makes you lazy, creation makes you a superhero!

Humans are naturally addicted to dopamine. A passion is nothing more than a healthy addiction. That´s why a passion can turn into an obsession and that doesn´t have to be a bad thing. Obsession is what makes successful people successful.

As long as you are getting your dopamine fix from instant gratification you can not develop a passion nor an obsession. Get rid of your TV, quit social media and stop eating processed sugar. Start daydreaming and getting bored. Your body needs to crave dopamine like a junkie craves his drugs. If your brain can no longer rely on instant gratification it will naturally start looking for other sources of dopamine. Remember: you need dopamine to survive that´s why finding your passion will become so much easier once you crave dopamine.

You now have two options to choose from but you NEED to deplete your dopamine first! Do not proceed if you haven´t turned off your sources of instant gratification!

If you have no idea what your passion could be just try different things. Look up a list of hobbies or ask your friends what they are passionate about and write down everything that sounds at least a little bit interesting to you. You can choose three things to try out or fifty. It doesn´t matter.

Choose a hobby you want to try out from that list and dedicate yourself to that activity for at least four weeks. Give your brain time to adapt to this new source of dopamine. If you find yourself bored after a few days just try out the next thing on your list for a few weeks.

The second option is to just think about what you enjoyed in your childhood. What would you do after school or in the summer holidays? Maybe you liked to sing or to draw with chalk. It is very likely that you still enjoy those activities as an adult because children have a better sense of what they like and dislike.

Once you have found your passion you can now spend your life getting great at it. I promise you that working on your 3000 page novel about the life of ladybugs will make you much happier than watching your favorite show (if writing about ladybugs is your passion). You can not waste your life as long as you live your passion. Depending on yourself for dopamine leads to long-lasting happiness.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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