How To Reach Your Long Term Goals

If you are serious about becoming a superhero yourself you need to set long term goals. While short term goals are often easier to accomplish long term goals require long term motivation. And for many people that´s a problem. They start with a wave of motivation but as soon as they meet the first obstacle their motivation fades and so do their goals.

My long term goal is to have a body like Thor. It will take at least three years to achieve that goal. I started to train six days a week for a few months. But a few weeks ago I had to take three days off to take care of a minor injury. The three days off turned into four days and almost five days if my friend had not motivated me again.

What happened? I lost momentum. The injury made me fall off the wagon of motivation and progress. The first step always requires the most willpower but once you create momentum it becomes easy. Motivation will no longer play a role. Until you lose momentum again.

The more momentum you gain the harder it will be to stop you. You run on autopilot and success comes to you easily. The results that momentum brings to you are usually extraordinary. Oftentimes you gaining momentum leads to your team building momentum as well making the train of success even faster. But building the momentum is the hard work you need to do first.

Before you start your journey you need to know your goal. Try to be as specific as possible including numbers and a deadline. No matter how big the obstacles on your way will be you must be convinced that you can achieve that goal. If you half-ass your way towards success you will take forever or never even get there. Your goal needs to be on your mind every single day.

Creating the right mindset is the most important step for creating momentum. Believe that you will be successful. If you do not believe it, yet, tell it yourself until you believe it! Success comes to those who believe in themselves and persist no matter the circumstances.

Your social circle should work in your favor. If your friends and family try to talk you out of your success be deaf to their words. Your time is better spend working than listening to them. Critique can block your momentum. Don´t listen. Change the topic. Believe in yourself.

Because that´s the only way you will be able to focus on the work. Once you get rid of distraction focusing becomes easier. Focus is the key to momentum. Completely focus on your work and momentum will start to work in your favor. Ignore the less important tasks that only work as distractions.

The first days and weeks should be easy because motivation is there to help you. It is important that you build momentum during this time. It will be much harder to gain momentum after the initial motivation has faded. Do as much work as possible during the first weeks of your new project. As soon as you see results your momentum kicks in creating a routine.

Routine is the reason why you should work on your goal everyday if possible. After a few weeks you will miss working on your project if you don´t do it everyday making it easier to stick to it.

Plan ahead so you always know what the next step looks like. Taking a break to make new plans may break the momentum. This step might become difficult if unexpected obstacles appear on your path.

That´s why you need a team holding you accountable. If everyone around you is working with you instead of against you lost momentum will be gained back easily. Great friends are worth billions of green dollars!

You are allowed to reward yourself from time to time. There should be at least a month between one reward and the next. Do not choose rewards that are contrary to your goal! If your goal is to lose 60 pounds do not reward yourself with food! Buying new clothes is a better option. If your goal is to be a millionaire in seven years do not reward yourself with expensive cars or holidays. Breaks kill the momentum! Distraction kills the momentum!

Once the motivation starts to fade remind yourself of the reward you will give yourself once you accomplished your long term goal. I daydream about a professional photoshooting as soon as I reach my three-years-of-training mark. That´s what keeps me going even if the motivation is long gone.

The last tip I can give you is to read about people you already accomplished what you want to accomplish. Read blogs, books or watch videos. You may even gain useful knowledge and learn from other people´s mistakes. Before I head to the gym I always watch a short video about Chris Hemsworth´s workout routine. It´s impossible to not feel at least a little bit of motivation after watching it.

Reaching long term goals requires discipline but it is absolutely possible. The human mind is amazing. Use your full potential to get what you want. In the end, it is all up to you, fellow superhero. Stay strong and never give up!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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