Music And Motivation

There is not one person on this planet who hasn´t got a song stuck in their head at least one time in their life. Music is an universal experience; even if you don´t understand a single word of the lyrics you are still very likely to understand the feeling the music conveys.

Music can influence our mood. If you are sad you want to listen to sad music to get the feeling that someone out there understands your pain. Or you try to get rid of the sadness by listening to the happiest music you can find. Music can be so stimulating that it was banned from some marathon events, just like steroids. The athletes should not gain an unfair advantage by listening to motivating music.

Music engages the sympathetic nervous system in our brain making us ready for upcoming challenges by opening the airways and accelerating the heart rate. Music is truly magic.

Whatever music you listen to will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Focus on music that makes you happy and energized and your day will be great. Only listen to songs about heartbreak and depression and your mood will change accordingly. Your thoughts dictate how you perceive the world. Conscious perception is based on your unconscious mind.

As a superhero you already know how it pays to take advantage of anything that gives you an edge over the supervillain. To get the most out of your workout choose a song with a repetitive beat and listen to it during the whole workout.

Science says, upbeat music or your favorite song can help to motivate you if you are faced with a boring or exhausting and unpleasant task. Experiment with what songs motivate you and create a playlist.

I personally prefer music with lyrics over any kind of instrumental music. I have a hard time focusing on the music when there is no voice to follow through the song. And it is hard to sing to instrumental music. But I know that other people get distracted by voices and prefer instrumental songs to get motivated.

Our subconscious mind can not tell if the words you hear are spoken to you or if they are part of a song. If you agree with the message of the song listening to music is similar to self-talk which is used to create positive affirmations.

If you hear again and again that you can do it, that you will not give up just yet then overcoming fatigue will be a lot easier. Every second you push hard counts. Every minute you work on your goal counts.

While a playlist can be used to put you in a specific mood listening to songs on shuffle creates a quick rush of dopamine. That´s why Spotify is so successful.

I used music as a motivator in the past when I got to writing. The right music never failed to put me in the right mood but I also noticed that I could not focus as long while listening to music. After a few minutes the music would distract me, no matter what type of music I picked. I decided that focus was more important to me than mood and stopped listening to music (but I can currently hear my neighbor´s music with a heavy bass and it disturbs me terribly).

If you find yourself losing motivation during your journey to become a superhero try different types of music. I recommend “Feel Invincible” by Skillet, “Kick In The Teeth” by Papa Roach and “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor but there are many, many more songs that will help you achieve your goals.

Stay strong, fellow superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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