Why You Are Still Fat And How To Change That

Admit it: if you are reading this article you are probably fat. You have love handles or a belly that´s hanging over your trousers. Maybe you do not look fat with clothes on but once you arrive at the beach it becomes obvious that you are fat.

While I do not despise the Fat Acceptance Movement I do not support it, either. If you want to continue to pretend you are happy as a fat person please close the tab now. This article is not for you. This article is for fat people who are sick of being fat and want to change.

Change is not a bad thing even though humans are naturally afraid of change. Change is what shaped our history. Building houses was a change, domesticating horses was a change, electric light was a change, rockets were a change, vaccines were a change. Change is what keeps us as a species and us as individuals alive.

So never be ashamed of wanting to change. If you are not satisfied with the person you are right now you are allowed to change. I give you permission. You would not need it because it is your life but I know the social pressure to never change and always stay the same. “You have changed” is a sentence none of us likes to hear because it has a bad connotation. But no one hates the caterpillar for its metamorphosis into a butterfly. We just hate other people for changing.

If you want to change do it. Be deaf to the naysayers who want you to stay the way you are when you could be better. That´s why I don´t support the Fat Acceptance Movement: They turn their backs to change. They try to be comfortable with what they are when they actually could become better than yesterday, better than last week or better than last year.

You should never be satisfied with a body you can still improve. Now that you have accepted that you want and need to change let´s talk about the reason you are still fat. Actually, this question is very, very easy to answer. Just ask yourself this question and everything will become obvious:

Where are your priorities?

Read that question again if you did not fully understand its meaning. Think about your priorities. Be honest with yourself when you answer this question. Most people say that their priority is one thing when it actually is another thing they didn´t even think of.

I´ll give you an easy example: You want to lose weight but your best friend´s birthday is coming up and you already had your cheat day that week. You could eat a steak and some green salad but you decide to eat cake and ice cream anyways because his birthday is only once a year, right?

That is a situation where you think your priority is to lose weight but your actual priority is to enjoy time with your friends in every way possible. There is nothing wrong with having a great time but you are lying to yourself about your priorities. You are not 100% dedicated to your goal.

If your priority #1 is to lose weight and sculpt the body of your dreams then you would be doing everything you can to achieve that goal. This means you will only spend time with your family and friends after you went to the gym. If you skip your workout because your daughter is starring in a play at school today losing weight is not your priority.

Your choices reflect your priorities so it is impossible to cheat. Tell yourself that working out is your number one priority. If you constantly skip workouts to watch Netflix on your couch your priorities become very visible. It all comes down to your choices.

And that´s good news because choices are under your control. Remind yourself constantly that you want to make fat loss your priority whenever you are tempted to make a choice that will not reflect this goal. You need to make the active choice to lose weight.

People who are fat or skinny fat did not make a great body their priority. It takes time to build a great physique and a healthy lifestyle needs to be a priority for a long time. So many dieters fail because their priorities are elsewhere or they underestimated the time needed for fat loss.

It may help you to create a list of your priorities. Place this list at a place where you can see it at least twice a day to remind yourself of your goal. As I said before you need to be honest with yourself about priorities. Lying will not help you and you are wasting your time by doing it.

My list of priorities looks like this:

#1 Family and friends

#2 Building a great body

#3 Business

#4 University

#5 Free time

That means I go out AFTER I went to the gym and did something for my business. And I only study for an exam after I took care of my body. Homework will never be as important to me as working on my business. Watching Netflix comes after everything else. No exceptions, no excuses.

Keep in mind that your priorities can change any second. If you break your leg today your priorities will change immediately. Attending that meeting you prepared a presentation for may have been a higher priority on your list before but right now it is more important to go to the hospital and take care of the injury.

Priorities always show in one way or another. If they constantly change there will be no long term achievements. But if sculpting your body is your priority for three years at a time your appearance will reflect that choice. If business is your priority for the next ten years you will be successful. If family is your priority for fifteen years you will have a great relationship with your partner and children.

Accept that you can´t have it all. You can not make two things your number one priority. You have to choose what you want to focus on first. Don´t be ashamed of your choices, though. Just because it is someone else´s priority to build the body of a Greek god you can still make your hobby your priority. Or your family. Or literally everything else.

Your life, your choices. It is all up to you and your priorities, fellow superhero. Choose wisely and reap the rewards of your choices.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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