Live A Spartan Life

The Spartans were the superheroes of their time. Warriors with bodies like steel and an unbreakable will. Today we remember the Spartans for their simplistic lifestyle. The distraction-free environment could have been the reason for their success.

Even if you do not plan to conquer the world, fellow superhero, there is still a lot you can learn from these ancient superheroes.

For young males the usual procedure was to join the military at only seven years of age. The boys were taught discipline, survival skills like fighting, hunting and weapons training, and how to deal with pain and discomfort. That was seen as the essence of manliness back then. Young men became soldiers when they turned twenty and gained the right to marry but military service was required until the age of sixty.

If you are not a male and wondering what the other half of the population did: young women were subject to athletic training as well but did not train how to fight. The amount of freedom they had was unusual for this time. But their husbands were away so they had to take care of everything at home. Even the females were superheroes compared to women in other cultures back then.

While today we usually do not have to hunt for food ourselves or need to protect our home against barbarians every superhero still benefits from physical exercise and discipline. Living up to your own expectations should be your goal. And since you are reading this blog I bet you have big dreams you want to accomplish!

Over the course of the next days we will cover the following topics in detail:

#1 Discipline

Discipline means you gain control of your actions enforcing obedience to your thoughts. Your conscious mind should take the lead instead of emotions in order to gain self-control. Discipline is the main reason for success.

#2 Mindset

To become as successful as a spartan warrior you need to gain control over your mind. Once you control your thoughts you control your life.

#3 Lifestyle

A minimalist lifestyle is not only good for your wallet but also for your mental health. Owning less and getting rid of what you already own will lead you to a new form of freedom.

#4 Health

A spartan warrior needed to be at peak physical condition at all times. Since the Spartans did not have access to a modern gym this article will focus on bodyweight exercises.

If you have any additional questions please comment below so they can be covered in an own article. Stay strong, fellow superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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