How To Make A Girl Like You

Whenever I watch guys “flirting” with a girl they like I cringe. It´s just horrible to watch how they are practically begging to fail. As a real superhero you should know how to appear attractive to a person you are interested in.

Remember Tony Stark´s charisma. He can get every girl he likes WITHOUT manipulating her into something she doesn´t want. You can be just like him.

Dressing sharp and taking care of yourself is a must. Tony Stark´s beard is memorable, when he´s outside he dresses well and does not force himself to be cool. He is perceived as cool because he takes care of himself and knows he looks great.

Choose an outfit that makes you feel like a billionaire AND that looks great on you. Girls can smell if you are feeling great in your skin. No need to overdo it, though. Just make sure you don´t look like a beggar and smell good.

The point above should be a no-brainer. There is a more common mistake that nearly all guys make when they are trying to get a girl to like them. It´s not one Tony Stark would make, though.

All these guys don´t stay true to themselves. They are not self-confident enough to stick to their opinions.

They try everything to make her like them that they forget they are an own person. Don´t agree to do something you don´t want to do just for a girl. You are a superhero, not her toy!

Your hobbies or behavior should not change for a girl. Stay true to yourself.

Most guys will bend and bow for a girl. That makes them all the same. But if the girl meets you – a superhero who doesn´t go out of his way to please her, you are unique. You have a personality.

If she doesn´t like your personality she probably wouldn´t like you if you bent over for her. Not everyone on this planet will like you so don´t even try to please everyone. It´s not only a waste of energy it will also make you unhappy.

Doing something for her is also highly ineffective. Instead, ask her for a little favor. Only a small task she can accomplish in less than a minute. Thank her and smile at her after she did it.

The Benjamin-Franklin-effect makes people like you if they do something for you. The smiling and the praise will put her in a good mood. Her subconscious mind remember that you made her feel good. She will start looking for more dopamine by staying close to you. Bonus points if you make her laugh!

To increase the intimacy between the girl and yourself tell her something only very few people know about you. Keeping a secret is a great tactic for fast bonding.

If you don´t feel comfortable with sharing personal details about your life just say something like “Sssh, don´t tell anybody. But I am wearing one black and one gray sock.” It´s a harmless secret but it´s still something only you two know.

Once she starts feeling comfortable around you try to touch her. A small pat on the shoulder is enough for the first touch.

If you rush this step and start touching her before she had the chance to get used to your presence you will come off as creepy. She is very likely to dump you if you touch her too soon.

Do NOT touch her in a sexual way! The first touch should always be perceived as non-threatening. A hug or kiss on the cheek may be too much for a first touch.

Hint: If she starts touching you first you hit the jackpot. Many women only touch people they trust. But don´t worry if you are the one initiating the first touch. Some girls are just shy.

If she flinches or looks uncomfortable stop touching her immediately! Wait for her to start touching you instead.

You may be lucky enough to get her number after that. Make sure she knows you are thinking about her by sending a “Good morning!” text to her. Don´t use nicknames she did not agree to at first. It only makes you sound like a creep.

Since you already got her number you will very likely develop a deeper relationship over time. Nicknames are fine once she can be sure you are not trying to screw her over.

Believe me, girls think about such things a lot! If she is wary around you it´s because she was treated badly by a guy in the past. It´s not about you, so don´t behave like a little child and cry about how women don´t like you.

Pick up a topic you talked about earlier. Remember what she said to show her that she has your full attention. People love talking about themselves and they enjoy the company of everyone who is actually listening to them.

If you followed all these steps you should at least not make a fool out of yourself while talking to a girl you like. Remember that you are a superhero, not some asshole who manipulates women. The hero gets the girl after all.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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