How I Made My First Money Online At Age 16

I remember the day I made my first money on the internet. I was only sixteen back then and I had never earned any money before. But once I did it I was hooked for life.

Three days prior to my first sale I uploaded an e-book. From my current perspective it was crap but as a sixteen-year-old I felt like I had crafted a masterpiece. And I sold this masterpiece for 1$ per piece.

I came to the conclusion that the low price would make a lot of people by my e-book but when there were literally no sales after two days I started to become discouraged (yes, I was extremely impatient back then).

Of course, I didn´t do any marketing, nor did I have the budget to market my crappy e-book. Plus, I had no idea how to market anything to anyone. I was an amateur who had written a book that wasn´t even that good.

I thought about giving up because clearly, the world wasn´t ready for my great e-book, yet.

But at the third day after uploading my e-book I sold one copy. It only made half a dollar or less. But it was real money I made myself! I put in the work and I got money out of it!

The feeling was indescribable. I was motivated to writer another e-book, a slightly better one, that I sold for a higher price. Within three months it made me 200$ before sales started to decline.

200 bucks was nothing. My friends who worked part-time after school made a lot more money from their jobs. But none of them had ever made any money from the internet. Until the present day I don´t think most of them even realized how much money you can make online.

I remembered that when I was fourteen I told everyone that I wanted to make a living by writing books. Everyone told me it was impossible; every author – even those who wrote famous books like “Artemis Fowl” worked a day-job to pay their bills.

But I didn´t want to work at an office and only write on my days off. I wanted to write full time, every day, for a living. And now that I had made my first 50 cents by writing I knew that this dream would come true.

I have since realized that there are tons of ways to make money online. And there are tons of ways a writer can make a living online. The internet is a paradise for authors.

Literally everyone can write an e-book about something they are very good at and sell it online to make other people´s lives better. Even if you have no idea how to format and upload an e-book you can find someone online who will do it for you for some spare change. Just browse or some similar websites to find the best offer.

Making money online is easy. I did it as an sixteen-year-old with no budget. I don´t know why it´s still not considered a valid career path.

I am 100% certain that the future of making money is making business online. It´s being done today and it will be done even more in the future.

Don´t miss this chance, fellow superhero! Get yourself out there, provide value for others and make cash! It is easier than you think.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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