Steak And Eggs: The Most Effective Diet In Existence

I´ll be honest with you: I don´t like eating vegetables. I only eat the minimum amount required to calm my guilty conscience.

Like most people I fell into the trap of believing that eating a lot of vegetables will assist my weight loss. But after every meal that was only salad, tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach I felt worse than before. I wasn´t satiated, I wasn´t feeling energized and I didn´t want to work out at all.

That is the reason I stopped every diet after a maximum of three weeks. I just thought I was meant to stay fat forever.

Until I discovered the Steak and Eggs diet. It is the simplest, yet the most effective diet in existence.

On this diet you perform five easy steps:

  1. Go to the store.

  2. Buy steak and eggs.

  3. Prepare steak and eggs.

  4. Eat steak and eggs.

  5. Repeat until lean.


No diet before has EVER given me the results I saw while on the Steak and Eggs diet. After five days my stomach felt tighter than ever before. I could power through my workouts even in a caloric deficit. I was never hungry.

The Steak and Eggs diet was invented by Vincent Gironda (1917-1997). If you have never even heard of his name you are probably a newbie to strength training and weight lifting because Vincent Gironda was the Jesus of bodybuilding.

He invented exercises and diets that worked better than anything the world had ever seen before. He achieved a level of leanness that´s now standard in bodybuilding competitions.

So, listening to this wise man´s word can´t be entirely harmful.

Vincent Gironda made his clients eat steak and eggs cooked in butter twice a day for six days. One day a week should be a high-carb cheat day.

That´s great news, fellow superhero! Six days of eggs and meat followed by one day of gluttony! I know no other diet that requires a high-carb cheat day.

Obviously, steak and eggs have next to zero carbohydrates. Your body will have to go into fat-burning-mode for six days at a time.

This diet is meant to be high-fat, medium-protein. You can eat other kinds of meat as well but they need to be high-fat or at least prepared with a lot of butter. Bacon works great if you don´t have enough money for steak (believe me, I tried it myself!). Lean meats like skinless chicken or turkey do not work unless you marinate them with a lot of oil.

Protein without any fat or carbs is poisonous for your body. You will go into rabbit-starvation and mess up your hormones so stay with eggs and fatty meat or fish.

You are only allowed to eat twice a day. If you want to combine the Steak and Eggs diet with Intermittent fasting you will achieve amazing results in no time.

Nothing will keep you satiated for a longer time than a ton of protein and fat. Eating twice a day is plenty on this diet. Just scramble four to six eggs and have a big steak cooked in butter with it. You will stay in a caloric deficit almost effortlessly.

If you are used to a diet high in fiber (like most magazines promote) you will stumble into the problem of constipation. Drink as much water as you can to avoid this problem. You may have a tiny salad once a day with your steak if you want to.

If you´re still feeling constipated a few days in try to mix 10 grams of flax seed with a glass of water and drink this right before your meal. This should be enough to keep your gut healthy.

Don´t worry about vegetables on this diet. You will NOT die if you stop eating vegetables. Hell, most people don´t get more than one portion of vegetables a day!

Eggs contain every vitamin the human body needs except for vitamin C. Take a multivitamin supplement if you are worried about not getting enough vitamins.

Beef provides your body with the needed minerals (especially iron). Eating plenty of steak and eggs will probably make you healthier than 80% of the people around you who consume carbs all day.

My father´s colleague suffered from a heart attack two years ago. He survived but after the recovery his doctor told him to cut back on the bread and eat eggs and bacon for breakfast instead. He has done so for over two years now and his heart is healthier than ever before.

I´m a young guy. I do not worry about my heart, yet. I care more about my energy levels and my mood while dieting. Working out in a fasted state has never been a problem for me so I strength train in the morning and have my first meal of steak and eggs about 90 minutes after the training.

If you find yourself with low energy during your workouts eat one slice of toast 30 minutes prior to your workout. One little slice won´t make a difference if you´re eating nothing but eggs and steak during the rest of the day.

Of course I´m always happy to have a cheat day (and don´t you dare to think I am going to eat less than six donuts on my cheat day!) but after a feast of carbohydrates I´m ready to go back to my simple meal of steak and eggs.

I am literally never hungry on this diet.

If you wanted to you could stay on this diet forever. Vincent Gironda himself ate like this for years at a time.

But there is one downside to this diet: it is very low in calories. You will not be able to build muscle while being on this diet. You are not going to lose a lot of muscle either, but don´t expect your strength levels to go up while following the Steak and Eggs diet.

However, this is the only downside I can think of.

I personally LOVE steak and eggs. Steak is my favorite food so I don´t mind eating it every day. Once you overcame the mental hurdle of eating the same thing every day the diet becomes ridiculously easy. You could probably cut for months without changing one thing on this diet.

Try it yourself, fellow superhero. Eating like a superhero will make you look like one. Pinky promise.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

2 thoughts on “Steak And Eggs: The Most Effective Diet In Existence”

  1. I am just starting Keto. It’s all very intriguing and goes against everything I have ever been taught and know. So far so good. My energy levels are increasing. Will keep an eye on your blog so I can soak up more info. Macros are still a mystery and I’m struggling a bit with that. Any insight???


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