How To Get Over Your Fear Of Approaching Women

If you are single you are probably seeing beautiful women you want to approach left and right. But you never get around to actually do it. There is always a new excuse you make to yourself to talk yourself out of approaching her.

“She is busy right now, I will wait until she looks more relaxed.”

“I am very, very busy right now.”

“Other people will laugh at me.”

“She will laugh at me.”

“She is wearing a ring, so she probably has a boyfriend.”

“She is out of my league.”

“She is not my type.”

“I am too small.”

“I am too fat.”

“I am not an asshole and women only like assholes.”

Stop making excuses, fellow superhero. Never approaching a woman will only lead to more anxiety. You can never meet a great woman if you never talk to a woman.

It´s simple math. You know for a fact that great women exist. But not every woman you approach will “click” with you. So if you only approach enough women sooner or later you will meet a great woman who you get along with just fine.

For women it´s math, too. Great men exist, but not every man she wants to spend time with. But if she is approached by enough men (or approaches men herself) she will find a guy she likes.

Always keep both perspectives in mind. Most women are as eager to find a great partner as you are. I have talked to enough women to know this.

You NEED to approach her yourself, especially if you are into shy girls. Even if she likes you she is very likely too shy to start a conversation herself.

Here is a simple trick: if you see a woman you want to talk to just approach her immediately. Don´t overthink it. What is the worst thing that can happen to you?

Yes, maybe you are bothering her. But believe me; she will let you know right away so you can back up politely.

Yes, maybe people will stare at you. But guess what? Five minutes from now they will have forgotten about it. People only care about themselves 95% of the time. Or how much time do you spend thinking about other people´s mistakes in relation to thinking about your own mistakes?

Yes, maybe you experience a black out and can´t come up with something clever to say. Conversations can get awkward quickly. But if you had never even tried talking to her she wouldn´t even know you existed and were interested in her.

As humans it is normal to fear rejection. It causes an inner fear that we no longer belong to the group. But in today´s world you will not be kicked out of the group because a woman didn´t want to talk to you.

Your ego may be hurt. But you are a superhero! There are tons of things you can be proud of; the rejection of one person will not break you!

Once you overcame this fear of rejection nothing will stop you from approaching every beautiful woman you see. It is not complicated. Just talk about something that is relevant to the situation you two are in to keep the conversation going.

(Bonus tip: Do NOT comment on her appearance! You never know the past of the woman you are talking to. Maybe this part of her body makes her very uncomfortable and you are ruining your chances by commenting on it.)

The best way to get rid of this stupid fear is to practice daily. Whenever you see a woman you like just talk to her. Just talk to her. Just. Talk. To. Her.

I promise you she will NOT bite your head off. You can end the conversation anytime but the important factor is that you actually started talking to her. That´s the hard part of the game.

See, women in our society were socialized to be nice towards other people all the time. She will not make a scene out of it if she is not interested in you. Nobody will stare. There will be no drama.

The fear of rejection is only psychological.

And if you get rejected twohundred times you will no longer fear the rejection because your brain has realized that it is not harmful. You don´t even have to have a clever conversation to get over the fear of rejection But you have to practice.

There are a few occasions, though, when you should refrain from approaching her even if you want to practice. If she is wearing headphones or is talking to someone on the phone you have zero chances of leaving a positive first impression. Don´t even try it, you will get rejected 100% of the time.

If she wanted to talk to you she wouldn´t be wearing headphones. And if she is talking to someone else you will only disturb her. Remember that not every situation is a good situation to approach her.

One year from now you will laugh about your younger self being so afraid of talking to strangers. Because it will be normal for you. You will be able to easily talk to any woman you see. Rejection is normal and you are not afraid to experience it.

This trait is highly attractive to women. A man who is confident enough to deal with rejection makes girls swoon, believe me. Politely backing off after being rejected shows maturity and manliness. You are not a crybaby but a grown man. Girls will notice.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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