The Best Morning Habits To Set Yourself Up For Success All Day

Routine is natural to us human beings. Routine is what keeps us save and alive. And a routine can make or break your success.

By implementing this habits into your morning schedule you will set yourself up for success all day long. It is important to practice those habits every single day so you don´t even have to think about them anymore.

Routine doesn´t deplete your willpower, leaving more room for creative work and tough decisions during the day. Implement only one habit at a time or you will become overwhelmed and quit.

#1 Wake Up Early

The quiet morning hours are the BEST time in the day to do creative work! You can already kick ass while your competition is sleeping. The benefits of waking up earlier are endless.

It would be best if you could get up at 5 AM every morning but I personally found out that 6 AM fits my natural rhythm better. Just be consistent, even on weekends.

#2 Take A Cold Shower

I promise you that there will be no sleepiness left in your body once you step into the cold water. If you are a beginner you can start with warm water and gradually turn it colder. But I personally advise you to just suck it up and shower cold.

This WILL be hard during the first week or so. But a month in you won´t even be bothered by the cold water after the first twenty seconds.

I am taking cold showers for over one year now. And I recently tried to take a hot shower because my muscles were aching and I wanted them to relax. It felt like I was taking a shower in piss. I hurried to go back to my cold showers again.

The human mind is amazing. It gets used to pain of any kind including cold showers. It is just the habit that lets you think hot showers are more enjoyable than cold ones. Break the routine and form a new habit!

#3 To-Do List

Set your goal for the day. Make it specific and measurable like running for 30 minutes or writing 1000 words of content.

It is best to set a time limit for these goals. It can either be “Running 10:15-10:45” or “Running must be done until 11 AM”. Experiment what works best for you.

Arrange your To-Do List in a way that prioritizes the most important tasks for the day so you can be sure you get those done. Less important tasks should be treated as such.

Get your priorities straight, fellow superhero. Doing the laundry is not as important as going to the gym or working on your business.

Remember that you only make this To-Do List for yourself. No one else needs to be working with it. Design it in a way that works for you.

#5 Practice Your Affirmations

Self-talk, affirmations and visualization are the most powerful tools on your road to success. While you should watch your thoughts and self-talk all day long affirmations need to be practiced only once or twice a day.

In the morning you are less likely to be disturbed by visualizing your success and convincing your mind that you can do it.

Make your goals specific just like you would do on your To-Do List. Phrase them in a positive way and use “I can”, “I will” and “I am”.

Your affirmations may change over time but they will stay the same for a couple of months or even years (until you have reached your goal, to be exact). It is tempting to skip this step because you are just visualizing the same things everyday.

But affirmations need to be practiced regularly. Your subconscious mind needs to realize that it must work on this problem again and again. Frequent input is crucial for success.

#6 Meditation

I personally do NOT advocate to meditate for hours at a time. 30 seconds of a simple breathing exercise is enough as long as you spend some time daydreaming every day. It relaxes the mind and keeps your brain healthy.

Close your eyes, inhale and feel your breath in your body. Feel every part of your body, your fingertips, your stomach, your knees, your ankles. Exhale. Repeat once or twice. Be grateful that you have such an amazing body and mind.

You can perform this breathing exercise anytime during the day to release stress and tension in your body.

Please note that I did not include exercise in here. I like to work out first thing in the morning when the gym is empty but I know that plenty of people can not focus on their creative work after they exhausted themselves.

As long as you workout daily (or AT LEAST five days a week!) you will be fine, no matter when you work out.

Stay strong, fellow superhero! Make every day the best and most successful day in your life!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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