Three Steps To Make Learning Fun

As a modern superhero you know how important it is to never stop learning. Learning keeps your brain and mind healthy. It gives your life direction and will fulfill you on a deeper level.

Learning is what makes us human.

A good superhero will always learn something new every day of the week.

But maybe you remember the days in school, sitting behind your desk in a classroom trying to listen to the teacher. It was just so BORING!

You know that learning is great for your brain but… how can you make it more fun?

#1 Choose Something You Are Passionate About

This is the most important step. If you want to learn something new choose a topic you are passionate about or at least interested in.

This can really be anything from fitness, to laws, to futuristic music, to breeding grasshoppers. It doesn´t matter at all what sparks your interest. People will judge you no matter what so you can just do whatever you want.

If you are passionate about the topic you are learning about the learning will no longer feel like a chore. Humans are curious by nature. Once you find something that interests you you will have a hard time taking a break from learning.

I currently try to master the skill of sales writing. And every second I´m not either writing a sales pitch, reading a sales pitch or studying a book about sales writing is wasted for me at the moment. This topic is so interesting to me that I read four books about it in ten days.

It might be an unusual topic (and definitely not a “fancy” one, either) but I found out that I am passionate about it. That´s why I can´t stop absorbing information about it.

You want to find a field that causes a similar feeling to you. If you haven´t found it, yet, try new things. Read a book about a topic you know nothing about. Maybe it will become your new passion, who knows?

#2 Get Rid Of Distractions

This tip is especially useful if you are not passionate about the topic you need to learn more about. Maybe because it is part of your homework or your boss wants you to give a presentation about it next week.

However, you NEED to get rid of distractions!

Your brain can not multitask efficiently. You will need to reread everything several times if you can not focus on the new information.

Put your phone into flight-mode, tell your family to not disturb you for an hour or two, put in ear-plugs and just focus your attention on one thing only.

The power of focus is incredible. Once you get into the flow of reading and learning everything gets easier. You will no longer think about whether or not you are passionate about the new information. You will just absorb them without judgment.

The skill of focus is something that will benefit you in almost every aspect of your life.

Get to know yourself. Find out what puts you into the flow and what breaks your focus. This may change over time.

A few years ago I was always writing with music playing in the background but today it is easier for me to focus when it´s silent. Find out what works for you. It will pay off, believe me.

#3 Routine

Your brain LOVES routine. Routines do not deplete your willpower, leaving you more productive and with more energy.

Establish a routine if you need to master a bigger task. Set aside 30 minutes a day to focus on what you want to learn. If you have half an hour a day to browse Facebook then you have half an hour a day to learn something new!

Establishing a routine works best if you pick the same time every day. Maybe you want to spend the quiet morning in your garden, reading about a subject that sparks your interest. Maybe you want to use your lunch break to listen to a podcast.

If you can not learn around the same time just make sure you learn everyday. Tiny steps are better than no steps at all.

It takes about a month to create a new habit. And imagine how much smarter and more successful you will be one year from now if you just put in half an hour a day!

Read just five books on one topic and you will know more about it than 99% of the people around you! That means you can really become a genius if you just read one book every other week for a lifetime.

It doesn´t even have to be a book; in today´s age almost everything you ever wanted to know can be found online for free. Don´t let this potential go to waste!

Stay strong, fellow superhero! Find a topic you are interested in, find yourself a quiet and establish a routine of learning to become a modern superhero.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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