5 Tips To Appear More Attractive You Can Use TODAY

First things first: I am NOT going to talk about how you should get a haircut and be in decent shape to appear more attractive. That´s a no-brainer. And I don´t want to waste your time.

I AM going to talk about how to be more attractive if you have got the basics (dress well, shave daily, get rid of extra body fat) right. And the tips below are so specific that you can start using them TODAY.

Remember that all the knowledge in the world is only useful to you, fellow superhero, if you actually using it. Intelligence is overrated. Doing is more important than knowing.

#1 Show Confidence

There is literally nothing as effective as self-confidence to appear more attractive. Fix your posture, speak your mind, stand your ground.

An easy way to develop more confidence is to dress like a winner. If you don´t like suits try a jeans with a Shirt and a well-fitting sports jacket. Something like this:

Your belt and shoes should be of the same or at least similar color.

If you dress like a champion you will feel like a champion, boosting your confidence and making you more attractive.

Plus, almost all women I know start swooning over a well-dressed guy.

Remember to stand up straight and push out your chest. Do not put your hands into your pockets! If you walk like Captain America you automatically demand respect.

If none of the steps above work pick your favorite charismatic TV character and copy their habits that make them appear charismatic. Don´t shoot anybody, though, even if James Bond does it.

#2 Consider Growing A Beard

You probably do not have a face as attractive as your favorite superhero´s.

People with symmetrical faces are perceived as more attractive. And the easiest way to make your face appear more symmetrical is to grow a beard that covers the lower half of your face.

(Plus, you can hide your acne.)

But don´t let your beard grow out of control. Keep it clean and spend some time to figure out the perfect beard for your face. Just because your brother looks good with a hipster beard that is longer than his hair doesn´t mean you are looking good with it too. You are your own person. Figure out what works for you.

If you can not grow a full beard you should forget this tip. An uneven beard with bald patches just looks ridiculous.

#3 Stop Complaining

Nobody likes a crybaby. Think about the last time you enjoyed listening to someone complaining how hard their life is. I bet that there wasn´t a last time. Nobody likes people who complain.

There is literally no reason for you to complain at all: If you can change it, change it. If you can´t change it, it´s not worth complaining about.

The girl you like blocked you on facebook? Get over it, she doesn´t like you. There are 3.5 billion other women on this planet.

Your business isn´t growing? Work harder, find new solutions and don´t waste your time complaining when you could be working!

You lost your left arm in a car crash? Man, you better learn how to do push ups with one arm or get yourself a metal arm like the Winter Soldier. Complaining won´t fix your problem. It never does.

Focus on solving problems instead of complaining about them. Especially little problems like forgetting your umbrella at the restaurant or accidentally breaking your favorite mug are not worth the time and energy.

Solve the problem and move on.

I promise you that the people around you will be much happier about your company if you focus on progress and being positive. And being liked by others will make you appear more attractive than the guy who is still wasting his energy by complaining.

#4 Talk Less, Listen More

If you are like most people you are probably talking too much. And since you want to become a modern superhero here is what to do instead: LISTEN.

See, people only care about themselves. They may care a little bit about the people closest to them like their children. But they mostly care about themselves.

You talking and talking and talking about yourself is soooooo boring.

Just shut your mouth and let the other person do the talking. Ask questions to show you are actually listening to what they are saying. Fight against the urge to tell a story about yourself or something that happened to you.

Just listen.

Others call me a great conversationalist but I really just listen 80% of the time. People feel better after talking to me because I keep my mouth shut and nod sporadically.

Their subconscious mind will notice that being around me makes them feel better so they will start to genuinely like me. And humans perceive the people they like as more attractive than people they don´t like.

It´s simple psychology. Listen more and talk less, fellow superhero, unless you have something meaningful to add to the conversation.

#5 Show Off Your Pet

Women subconsciously want a man who is responsible and can take care of her and future children (not ALL women, though. But the basic biological concept is still applicable).

If you have a pet let her know. Dogs work best because they require lots of work every day. By owning a dog you can show her that you have the fatherly qualities she is looking for (even if you never want to have children).

If you don´t own a pet but would like to tell her about it. Talking about past and future pets usually leads to great conversations. And it lets you bond with her over something. Remember – being liked makes you appear more attractive even if your physical appearance didn´t change.

One last thing: Do not get a pet just for the sake of it. Pets need to be loved and spoiled, not used to appear more attractive. That´s just common sense.

The tips above can be applied TODAY if you want to. Stay strong, fellow superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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