How To Build A Strong Personality

Most people are like sheep: They do whatever the other sheep do, they get afraid easily and never want to stand out. Still they think they are unique.

But how many people do you actually know that have a real personality that distinguishes them from others? Only very few.

A unique personality will bring you far in life. Showing strength will make you a natural leader because sheep love to follow leaders. Once you have developed a strong personality others will look up to you.

#1 Face Your Fears

Nothing will build a strong personality faster than constantly facing your fears.

Our fears are very personal to us. Ask yourself what you are afraid of. Maybe you don´t like talking to strangers or you may be afraid of heights or you don´t want to swim in open water.

Face those fears not once, but ten times at least. The more often you do it, the less scary it will appear to you. Remember how driving a car was scary and difficult at first? But after driving a few hours it was fine, right?

If you are afraid of making a fool out of yourself at the gym just go to the gym daily for two weeks. You will notice that nobody pays attention to you. They are all sweating and focusing on their own workouts.

I am not talking about the fear of starvation or other existential fears. I am talking about fears holding you back from success. Overcoming those fears will make you stronger, not endangering your life.

Write down a fear you want to overcome. Lay out a few steps on how to overcome it.

Once the fear disappears it leaves room for self-confidence. The more fears you overcome, the more confident you will be.

#2 Start Working Towards Your Biggest Goal NOW

Think about the biggest goal you want to accomplish in your life. It can be anything from running a marathon to writing a 2000-page book to walking on the moon. I promise you: your goal is not too big.

Today is the youngest you will ever be in the future. Don´t think you need to accomplish some minor, unimportant goals first before you can start working towards your BIG goals. No! Just start working towards the big goals today.

It doesn´t matter if it takes ten years or more to accomplish it. It will always take ten years. You can start now and reach your goal earlier than if you start tomorrow.

Working towards a goal that is important to you fills your life with purpose. And a person that acts purposefully will become strong over time.

#3 Where Do You Want To Be Ten, Twenty, Thirty Years From Now?

Especially young people often do this mistake: They think they will live forever and that they will have plenty of time to accomplish their goals in the future. NO!!

Today is the best day in your life to start! Yesterday would have been even better.

If you want to have a great life ten years from now, you better start working towards your big goals, you better get rid of the unhealthy habits and toxic relationships.

Free yourself from societal norms and start living life on your own terms NOW. You will not do it in ten years if you do not start today. Gain experience so you will later have the wisdom to live a truly great life.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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