A Simple Tip For Better Flirting

Flirting is a form of art. It can be a great skill to master. Especially because the competition is slim. Most men nowadays have no idea how to flirt.

There are prejudices like people who are flirting are secretly in a relationship and just want to have an affair, or want to only spend one night together, or men who flirt are liars.

Flirting has a bad reputation and is therefore not appreciated. But done correctly it will lead you to massive success with women, fellow superhero.

Do NOT think that the goal of a flirt is to have sex with someone. Only thinking about sex will make you needy and less attractive. Instead use flirting to remind yourself of your good qualities, your skills and attractive features.

You are also allowed to flirt even if you do not want to have sex with the person you are talking to. You can, if you want to (and you are not in a monogamous relationship). But again – sex should not be your goal.

Here is the ultimate tip for beginners to IMMEDIATELY get better at flirting even if you have never done it before.

Show her what you like about her.

Always be honest when flirting! Do not lie just to make the other person like you.

Check out what you like about the woman you are about to approach. Once you start talking point out if you like her humor, her accent, her strengths or hobbies etc.

Many people think they are not attractive or interesting. Because we are constantly faced with beautiful pictures of the great lives of others on social media, we start to hate our boring selves. Use this to your advantage!

Especially young and shy women are not used to strangers talking about what they like about them. An honest compliment will get you far in life! No matter if you are flirting or trying to build a better friendship.

Everything in life is about sex. We as humans are sexual beings and want to be perceived as attractive or “sexy”. That´s why men try to show off their biceps and why women wear make up. We don´t necessarily want to attract others, we primarily want to feel better about ourselves.

Be like a mirror that only shows the best part of others. Never point out flaws, only talk about what makes the woman you are talking to likeable. Give her the permission to like herself. Doing so will make her like you.

Only talk about yourself if she asks about it. The less you talk about yourself, the less likely you are to make a fool out of yourself. People only care about themselves. Focus on her interests instead and she will always remember who great you made her feel.

If she is talking, do not interrupt her. You can keep your opinion to yourself a little longer to let her finish.

Do not try to come off as cool or “alpha” or some bullshit. Flirting is art, not war. There will be a time for showing off and marking your territory, but it´s not flirting.

Just make genuine compliments.

Stay strong, fellow superhero! Try this tip and tell the world how it benefits you.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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