What Makes A Bad Boy

Remember your favorite childhood movie – Did the villain get the girl or the hero? I am pretty sure it was the hero, the nice guy with his morals and shiny armor.

But man! This guy would be so BORING in real life! Nobody wants to hang out with someone who is always right, always makes ethical decisions and never strays from the path laid out for him.

We admire people who have created their own morals, their own sense of purpose, who follow their own vision with an unbreakable determination. They are superheroes and the rules of civilians do not apply to them. Those man can not be tamed and that´s what makes them attractive to women (there will always be exceptions, but you get the point I´m trying to make here).

Maybe you have been at a point in your life where you thought you did everything right with the girl. You shared her interests, you showed perfect manners, you never did anything controversial and put her needs above your own. You tried to be her Prince Charming.

She probably didn´t stay with you for a very long time even though you put in all this effort.

Well, fellow superhero, that is because you gave up yourself for her. Empty puppets can be found left and right but a man with a personality is rare.

I DO NOT say you should treat her badly! Do not make her feel worthless or play with her feelings or some shit! She is a human being and deserves respect!

I AM saying that you should not change yourself just to appear attractive to her. It is never worth it to give up yourself for someone else.

Being yourself makes others remember you, even if they perceive you as kind of a weird person. It doesn´t matter what they think. If you are a superhero in your own mind their opinions become unimportant.

You need to find your own mission in life that has nothing to do with what others expect you to do. Follow this determination no matter what happens. If the woman you like does not agree with your goals, cut her out of your life. It will hurt, yes, but it will hurt more to sacrifice your own dreams and ambitions just to appeal to someone.

There are 7 billion people on this planet. You WILL find someone who loves and respects you. But they need to love YOU, not the person you try to be to be liked. Hiding your true personality will only make you more miserable.

Do not compare yourself to others. Other people are unimportant. Treat them with kindness but do not let them influence your mission. No matter what they do, you will not change. You only change because you chose to do so.

If you actually make a mistake, apologize genuinely and move on. Do not doubt yourself. Mistakes are normal. Stand up to what you have said. Your actions and words should reflect the mindset of a winner.

Being a Bad Boy doesn´t mean you treat others badly, fellow superhero. It just means you become unbreakable with your goals. It is not tied to leather jackets, hats or boots. Just wear the style you enjoy. Put yourself first. Live life on your own terms.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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