Four Steps To Fix Your Posture

Back pain has become incredibly common nowadays. We are not walking enough, sitting long hours behind our desks and do not engage in physical activity everyday. Pain due to poor posture has become the leading reason for daily discomfort.

Proper posture needs to be practiced everyday until it becomes second nature. If you have been sitting or standing with poor posture for your whole life it will take a few weeks to unlearn.

Look at a picture of yourself. Is your head falling forwards? Are your shoulders rounded forward?

This could be a sign of a weak posterior chain. If you are only practicing exercises like push ups and crunches you are at risk as well, because the muscles are pulling your body forward.

Bildergebnis für spine

Your goal is to stretch and train your posterior chain.

#1 Reverse Plank Bridge

You will need a little bit of strength to perform the Reverse Plank Bridge. Just make sure you go all the way up, stretching your whole body and chest. Roll your shoulders back and keep your arms straight at all times.

Try different hand placements to reap all the benefits of this exercise. Your fingers pointing backwards will help activating the external shoulder rotators. This should lead to a wider range of motion.

#2 Rows

Every kind of rowing exercise will help you to develop a strong back. Just make sure you are not only moving your arms. You need to roll your shoulders back, pull your shoulder blades together and extend your spine. Your head must not fall forward.

#3 Glute Ham Raises

Lower back pain can be a result of weak glutes. Yes, it´s not very cool to train your butt but if that´s the way to finally be pain free…

Squeeze your butt the whole time. Do not hyperextend and always keep your back straight.

Don´t worry if you can´t do one proper repetition, yet. Just keep working on it until you have mastered it.

You can perform Glute Ham Raises every time you are at the gym. If after two weeks you don´t notice any difference, try a different exercise like Good Mornings or Hip Thrusts.

Squats also work the glutes, but you should look into different accessory exercises for your posterior chain. Working out your butt can also help you develop bigger calves.

#4 Walk

The problem is that you are sitting too much. Take at least one short walk a day, the longer the better. If have written about the benefits of walking here.

Make sure you are wearing the right shoes to support your ankles and knees. Keep your upper body straight and roll the shoulders back slightly.

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