How To Make A Great First Impression

You only get to make a great first impression once with every person you will ever meet. So it is from utmost importance to make sure your first impression is on point every time.

People will automatically categorize you the second you first meet them. If you look like a punk with colorful hair and dirty clothes, you could be the smartest person alive and no one would believe you.

If you meet a woman you are interested in and you look unclean or homeless she will NOT date you, no matter how good your “game” is. Instead, she will probably stay away from you, because women get harassed by strange men often.

Bottom line: Make sure the first impression is a great one.

#1 Eye Contact

Don´t be afraid to make eye contact! If you are avoiding the other person´s stare you will be seen as insecure and intimidated.

Humans have evolved to communicate via eye contact. That´s why we have so much white in our eyes compared to cats who tend to stay on their own.

If you do not feel comfortable with making eye contact, yet, practice! For the next 30 days you will make eye contact with every person you meet. You don´t have to stare but give yourself the chance to let your eyes meet.

Only break the eye contact if the other person starts to look away. This way you are making sure you are not getting creepy while simultaneously showing confidence.

Keep a smile on your face and you are sending flirty vibes. If you know you can smirk, smirk. Practice in front of a mirror if you have to, but a genuine smile is enough to get you noticed. Imagine you are Tony Stark casually flirting with a journalist he just met.

Watch guys in movies do these moves and you´ll immediately know what their intentions are. And that´s exactly what you want: don´t keep her guessing if you are flirting or creeping.

#2 Strong Handshake

Don´t you HATE shaking hands with someone who seems to have no muscles in their hand? I know I do!

No need to crush the other person´s hand, though. Just let the other person feel that you are not intimidated by them.

Maintain eye contact while shaking hands. Remember to break the eye contact once the other person looks away.

If you meet a woman for the first time, a hug is NOT appropriated unless she initiates the hug. A hug without further consent can make her uncomfortable – that´s the opposite of what you want, fellow superhero!

Once you made eye and skin contact by shaking hands, you could try to set the tone for the conversation by using a funny pick up line. Make sure she understands that your pick up line was NOT serious.

Bonus points if you make her laugh.

But beware that there is a thin line between a funny and a creepy conversation starter. Telling her that you are her future husband will work fine if you already have a connection, but may sound like a red flag to other woman.

Play it safe by just introducing yourself. Only make pick up lines if you are brave enough. If you know you´ll sound nervous, don´t use one.

#3 Confident Body Language

Don´t slouch. Keep your back straight, roll your shoulders back and raise your chin slightly. Nothing too complicated here.

A great posture is a sign of good health. A great quality if you are trying to talk to a woman, but also a great quality in general. You can use this tip for dates and job interviews alike.

Don´t overcomplicate this step. You don´t want to look like a doll. Just remember to keep a straight back and you will be fine.

#4 Stop Talking

Yeah, I get it: you want to tell everybody what a great guy you are. Shut your mouth for once.

Let the other person do the talking. Guess what? Everybody loves talking about themselves! Give the woman the chance to talk about herself before you can give more information about yourself.

If she is too shy or hesitant about talking at first, you can of course lead the conversation by telling a little about yourself and asking questions.

DO NOT INTERRUPT someone who is speaking! Once you are perceived as rude, you will never get rid of that bad first impression.

Now nothing can stop you anymore from making a great first impression. Stay strong, fellow superhero! Always work towards a better self.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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