How Intensity Affects Your Training

Especially if you are a beginner, chances are you are spending way too much time at the gym. Training everyday for two hours is not needed nor helpful if you want to build muscle.

If that example above sounds like you, I have a quick tip for you: You need to train with more intensity!

It is simply not possible to train with high intensity for two hours. Your body will tire quickly during intense training like sprinting. However, low intensity exercise like walking can be performed several hours a day.

So how does intensity affects your training results?

It doesn´t matter what sports you are participating in. Intensity is important for literally ALL movement, e.g. weightlifting, soccer, running.

If you are training with low intensity your results will be small as well. The higher the intensity, the more results.

That´s why you are not getting better at running if you walk a lot. The intensity is just not right. And if you are able to squat 200 pounds, training with 30 pounds on the bar will not help you getting stronger. However, if you can only squat 35 pounds, training with 30 pounds WILL help you building muscle!

Intensity is not tied to a special weight; whatever feels difficult for you now, will make you stronger (and will become easier over time).

You can train with more intensity over time, but most people get discouraged or bored if they do not see results within a week. Don´t be that guy, fellow superhero! Give your body some time to adjust to new intensity.

Training with higher intensity comes with a lot of benefits. You will burn significantly more calories while sprinting than walking, making it easier to get into a caloric deficit. Plus, you will build your endurance without spending endless hours on the treadmill! High intensity exercise builds aerobic capacity in no time.

Studies suggest that training for a short amount of time with a very high intensity leads to more insulin sensitivity – which is linked to muscle growth and more fat loss.

If you don´t now where to get started, I recommend searching for fitnessblender´s HIIT videos on YouTube. Just follow their guidance through the exercises and train as intense as you possibly can for 15 minutes a day. It doesn´t matter if you can complete the workouts as long as you are sweating like crazy and can feel your muscles aching. You should not be able to perform another set after a HIIT session.

Don´t worry about being perfect from the beginning. You will gradually get better over time IF you stay consistent! Training with high intensity once a month will bring you nowhere. Training with high intensity every single day for weeks will lead to fatigue.

There are different approaches to high intensity training. You could train intensely every other day if you are a beginner. As an intermediate who knows to listen to his body you can find your own rhythm.

I personally do best training three days in a row and taking one day off. That leads to five to six training days a week. You may need more or less rest days.

You should not train with high intensity if your body is still healing or if you are overly tired. High intensity training requires focus to prevent injury. There is no benefit of pushing your body through a workout that will hurt it even more.

Stay strong, fellow superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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