How To Create Your Own Luck

To get rich you need to be lucky, right? Being at the right place and the right time is often quoted as one of the causes for wealth.

It´s a brilliant strategy used by people who want to be rich but are not. They can just tell everyone that they haven´t found success because of “bad luck”. It´s not their fault, of course, it was “bad luck”!

It´s a great way to avoid any personal responsibility. After all, bad luck can happen to anyone, right?

But what if I told you that you could create your own luck? Experience tells me that most people will still complain all the time about how the odds aren´t in their favor. But maybe you are someone who actually wants to create his own luck. In this case this article is for you.

Luck isn´t some external factor, it´s something you can control. Let me show you an example to prove my point.

A is an extremely busy employee. He works 60 hours a week and he is fat. He gets up, drives to work, works his ass off and when he gets home he eats dinner, watches TV for an hour or two and goes to bed. On his weekends he likes to sleep in, have a brunch with his wife and friends and watches football with a beer in the evening.

B is an extremely busy employee. He works 60 hours a week, but he is athletic. He gets up at five in the morning, drives to the gym and completes a workout before driving to work. When he gets home he eats the dinner he prepared on his weekends, watches TV for an hour and goes to bed early so his body can rest. On his weekends he likes to sleep in, go for a run and prepare the meals for the upcoming week in advance, so he doesn´t need to deal with cooking after a long day of work.

When A and B meet, A tells B that he “is a lucky bastard with his great genetics that keep him lean and muscular”.

It is only natural for A to consider B a lucky man. But A doesn´t see that B has worked hard for his so called “luck”. B´s luck is self-made. And this principle applies to any field in your life.

Your colleague is very lucky to have such a great relationship with his children and/or wife? He probably spends the evenings with his family instead of watching TV or working long hours.

Your other colleague is getting the promotion instead of you? He probably sat down and read everything about the field he is working in, so he can provide more value and therefore deserves a higher position within the company.

Your old friend from school retired with 35 and never has to work again a day in his life? He probably has read tons of books and spend hundreds of hours creating several passive income streams.

All those people would be perceived as lucky from the outside. But only few people saw the sacrifices that made them “lucky”. All their luck is self-made.

Even lottery winners are not lucky. They got up and bought a lottery ticket. To win a million dollars they had to make the decision to ACT first. Their luck is self-made as well.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, you are creating your own luck. If you do not consider yourself lucky at the moment, it is the result of your past decisions. No one forced you to get fat or to spend all your time browsing social media instead of building your business. The only one responsible for your luck is YOU!

How do you become a lucky man?

Luck is right there in front of you. You just have to start looking for it. You just decide that you will be lucky from today on. Tell yourself you´re lucky, call yourself a lucky man openly. Everything will work out in your favor.

Once you adopted that mindset, you can start actually creating your luck. To create your own luck you have to do something first. Action is what makes you lucky.

You didn´t learn how to ride a bicycle just by watching others and complaining how lucky they are to be able to ride a bicycle. You sat on a bicycle, you fell down a couple of times and finally you would be able to ride it.

Action made you lucky enough to be able to ride a bicycle. Failure only contributed to your self-made luck.

What made you endure all these failures and pain? The knowledge that if you just fall down often enough, you will be able to ride a bicycle. As long as you can convince yourself that all failures only contribute to your success, you will be able to keep going.

Your thought influence your actions and your actions are what creates results = luck.

Start with your thoughts. Continue with action. Reap your rewards.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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