Why A Low Carb Diet Makes It Easier To Lose Weight

I have tried many diets, but I have never found the success of the Ketogenic Diet/Low Carb Diet with other diets. Especially eating only Eggs and Steaks worked great for me. A large pile of fat and protein just makes me happy.

There are many ways to burn fat (it is certainly possible to lose fat by eating a paleo or vegan diet). And a diet suited for weight loss may not be optimal for building muscle. However, this article is about fat loss, not muscle gain.

The number one reason why I prefer a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Diet over any other diet is that on a LCHF Diet you are never hungry. Protein and fat are what your body was made to consume.

Constantly consuming carbohydrates is just plain unhealthy for your body that will build up insulin resistance. Eating grains is linked to bad teeth, Alzheimer, Parkinson and many more (if you don´t believe me, just use Google. You are a superhero, not a three year old!).

The problem is that all carbohydrates (not only sugar) are addictive. After a few days on a LCHF Diet you will start to crave them like cocaine. You just have to wait until that craving fades, even if it gets hard. My best tip is to drink lots of water and don´t restrict the amount of food you are eating until the cravings subsided.

You only have so much willpower in a day and you don´t want to spend it all on resisting the sweet temptation of junk food. If you are not hungry, food will rarely be a thought in your mind.

Because of the reduced hunger, LCHF makes it easy to implement Intermittent Fasting (IF) into your life. And believe me, you are going to feel fucking powerful once you can say you fasted for 20+ hours!

The goal of many dieters is to enter the state of ketosis. That means your body is burning fat for fuel instead of glucose. Since we are able to enter ketosis quite easily, it is probably our natural state. Carbohydrates were not our main source of calories for a long time in our evolution, after all.

Your appetite will very likely adjust once you reach ketosis making counting calories a thing of the past (unless you want your body fat to be really low). Therefore, you will start to listen to your body´s clues more, freeing you from obsessing over food.

That´s also the reason why it is not so easy building more muscle or gaining weight in general on a LCHF Diet – you would have to overeat all the time. It is easy to overeat on carbohydrates like rice or flour but have you tried snacking on steak all day? It is not possible.

After the initial drop in performance (which is perfectly normal) you should be feeling more energized during the day, even if you go for a longer time without food. Many people say that they feel mentally more alert and are able to focus better or longer.

Here is a simple rule to follow: if you feel better after a meal than before, that meal was good for you. If you feel bloated, crave sweets for dessert or if your stomach hurts, you should not eat that type of meal again.

Another argument I often hear against a LCHF Diet is that the weight loss only comes from water weight. Yes and no. Of course you are going to lose a lot of water in the process but after the water weight is lost, the fat loss starts. And for people who were relying on carbohydrates for energy before, the fat loss is usually rapid in the beginning.

Bodybuilders even want that dehydration because it will make them look even more ripped. Unless you are a bodybuilder on contest prep, you should drink more water than usual and salt the shit out of your food. That should prevent muscle cramps.

Staying hydrated also helps your skin. People who exercise regularly and stay in ketosis for a longer period of time tend to have better skin, making them look younger than they are. Not everyone reaps those benefits, though. It depends on the person.

Don´t listen to the shitheads talking about how a high fat diet will make your cholesterol skyrocket and that you will get a heart attack within two days. Just DON´T listen to them! I won´t bore you with biological details you can find on Google within ten seconds. High cholesterol is not necessarily bad for you. High fat foods like full fat cheese and fatty red meat are good for your heart.

Just keep your carbs to < 25 gram per day. If you want to get into ketosis, your protein intake should not make more than 20% of your daily calories. However, protein is very good for your muscles. If you just want to lose weight, your protein should be 35-40% of your daily calories. You probably won´t be in ketosis BUT you will keep more muscle mass during your fat loss. Going over 40% often results in constipation, so don´t try that.

That´s all you need to know about a LCHF diet. Let´s start to get ripped, fellow superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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