Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Money doesn´t buy happiness. I am pretty sure you have heard this saying several times during your life. It´s only one of the many, many excuses poor people use to justify their lack of money.

Everybody wants more money, but only few people actually care about how to earn it. So they keep telling others that chasing money is somehow immoral, that money won´t even make you happy and that all rich people must be evil or liars.

Whenever someone tells me shit like that, I tend to end the conversation as quickly as possible. I refuse to surround myself with naysayers and negative energy. Negative thoughts influence the chance of success, so I make sure I always think about winning rather than failing.

So, let´s look at that statement: Money doesn´t buy you happiness.

Does that mean that poverty can buy you happiness? No, of course not. Poverty only comes with more worries and unhappiness. You should do everything you can to escape poverty and mediocrity.

More money will NOT make you more miserable! Money will only make it able for you to gain more of what you really seek.

Do you want to be healthier? With money you will be able to afford better food like high quality meat and fish. You will be able to attend dance classes or hire a personal trainer to motivate you. Money enables you to sleep more because you don´t have to worry about driving to your workplace in the morning to be able to pay the bills. Having money destresses your life.

Then, does the saying mean that you can´t buy happiness? That´s already closer. Think about what makes you happy. It´s probably something like taking long walks, spending time with your friends, traveling the world.

You can not do that if you are poor. You will be busy working a shitty job just to make ends meet instead of strolling through the forest or meeting your friends. Guess what? Your friends will too busy to meet you as well! And traveling world? You better believe the airlines and hotels want to be paid in cold, hard cash rather than in your happiness.

The more money you have, the more you will be able to become your true self. If you are truly evil inside, having money will amplify that. But most people are not evil. Most people just want to live a good and healthy life, just like you, fellow superhero.

Money gives you the ability to pursue your dreams and become a great human being.

If you have to think all day and night about paying the rent or how you can afford presents for your family on Christmas, you can not change anything. You can not change the world and you can not become your true self.

As a rich person you can change the world. One million dollars can help more people than ten dollars, right?

It´s not suspicious that rich people don´t want to have anything to do with the poor. The poor are complaining all the time about bills and life and how money doesn´t buy you happiness. You wouldn´t want to deal with those people neither.

So the media portrays rich people as assholes who don´t deserve anything they or their families worked so hard for. It´s just to make poor people fell better about themselves. They may not be rich, but at least they are happy, right?


Everything that makes you happy you can have ten times if you don´t need to work. Time with your family, health, free time, hobbies. Everything. Money is a necessity. If you use it right, you can make the problems go away.

Money doesn´t buy you happiness. But money buys you the ability to make yourself happy. So don´t be afraid to chase after money. Don´t be afraid to visualize your own success.

Stay strong, fellow superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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