The #1 Money Skill You Need To Master

There are a lot of skills you need in order to become very successful and/or become rich. The ability so discipline yourself, the ability to work hard and stay focused, the ability to make people like you.

For me as an introvert, the last skill is actually the hardest. I always thought that I would be more successful if I just learned to get along with people better (spoiler: I was wrong).

So I tried to remember details about others they once told me, I tried to remember their birthdays and I tried to make them laugh even if I felt very uncomfortable. Turns out, all that was a waste of time.

Instead of a networking entrepreneur I became more of a people pleaser. If someone disliked me, I panicked and tried to change myself to please them. This not only took a toll on my mental health, but also on my success. I lost motivation and discipline and wasted a lot of precious time.

If someone is important to me, I will naturally remember tiny details and their birthdays. And I can usually make them laugh easily, without changing myself. I came to the conclusion that making people like you is not the key for success.

You can´t buy a mansion without money. You can not say to the cashier at the supermarket that people like you. You can´t pay your groceries like that. You have to make people give you their money. If they like you or not, is not relevant.

Therefore, the ability to influence people and persuade them to buy your product, is much more important than your ability to make people like you. Sure, maybe they´ll buy your product just because they like you. But that´s a form of persuasion, too.

There are many ways to influence a person to give you their money, their knowledge, whatever you want from them.

The simplest way is to create a product they absolutely feel like they NEED to buy. If your product is so good that the benefit the customer gains from buying it is greater than the price he has to pay to get it, then this person will gladly give you their money. Create the best product you can, offer your customers a raw deal and watch the money come in. The more value your product offers, the higher the price can be.

You don´t even have to talk to people to influence their buying decisions. Every review on amazon is a form of persuasion. If you promote your product in a video to show the many different benefits it brings into your customer´s life, that´s persuasion. Writing a sales letter about your product is persuasion. Marketing and advertisement of any kind is persuasion.

Selling is just the ability to influence the customer. For some reason, selling has a very bad reputation, but it is far from unethical. If you have a product that can truly make the customer´s life better, it is in your and your customer´s best interest to influence them into buying it.

You are even selling yourself every day. To land that new job you dreamed of, you try to outdo your competition. You try to persuade the interviewer to give you the job instead of someone else. The same is true for dating. You show the other person how great you are so they will choose you over another guy. If you are in politics you are trying to persuade others to vote for you.

Persuasion and selling are not inherently bad. You better lose that negative attitude towards selling if you want to be rich. Being able to persuade others is the #1 money skill. If you can´t make people buy your product, that´s what keeping you from becoming rich. It really is that easy.

Stay strong, fellow superhero. Never stop learning, never stop trying to become better!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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