Five Ways Your Everyday Life Makes You Weak

If you want to become a modern superhero, a man others look up to and who is seen as above average both by himself and the people around him, you should strive to become harder, stronger and faster instead of weaker.

Sadly, modern society makes us so comfortable that we all are becoming weaker and weaker by the second. Extremes are dismissed and simple discipline is seen as an unhealthy obsession, even though obsession is needed for success.

Here are five ways in which your everyday life makes you weaker instead of stronger.

#1 Reward Without Effort

This is probably the most important factor. Nowadays everyone can get a cheap shot of dopamine from his brain without putting in the effort first.

Masturbation and food are good examples.

Porn gives you access to an unlimited amount of persons (mostly women) who are just dying to satisfy your sexual needs. You no longer need to leave your comfort zone to build a nice body, attract females and actually have sex. You can simply connect your laptop to the internet and find thousands of women without any effort.

Food on the other hand was scarce for 99% of human existence. But you no longer need to hunt ruminants to feed your family and carbohydrates are available year round instead of only a few weeks a year. Eating sweet or overly salty food activates your brain´s reward system without needing to go on a hunt first.

There are many more examples for this problem, like trophies for participation without being one of the best, cosmetic surgery, lotteries etc.

Solution: If it doesn´t take effort to get it, it´s probably not worth it.

#2 Anti-Violence

I am NOT saying that violence solves all or even any problems. I´m just saying that your body was made for movement like hunting and fighting.

Fighting and being able to defend yourself is very natural. All successful cultures we know of like Vikings and Spartans practiced martial arts and hunting from a young age. Nowadays hunting is only for elderly men who like weapons way too much and are therefore seen as weird. But life is not a Disney movie with talking animals who get along just fine. Every single animal on this planet has to kill to survive. Humans are no exceptions.

As long as the animal killed is eaten afterwards, there is nothing wrong with hunting. Death is a part of life, a part of nature. And self-defense is a skill deeply ingrained into us. Even those, who never learned to fight, will try to defend themselves if the situation calls for that.

And many people secretly enjoy watching boxing or MMA fights. It is somehow animalistic, I know. But it is also completely natural.

Solution: Fight in a controlled environment like a boxing club. Learn how to hunt.

#3 Moderation

I have seriously no idea why anyone would preach moderation. Moderation never led to anything. We wouldn´t know a thing about anything if everyone always followed the rules and tried to do everything in moderation. Do you ever look up to someone who lives a balanced life?

Steve Rogers decided to go all in, take an untested steroid and become Captain America. A balanced approach would had him killed within minutes.

Tony Stark worked three days straight to build the Iron Man armor. Living a balanced life with golfing and relaxing while enjoying his money hasn´t made him a self made superhero.

And if you want some examples other than fictional characters: Leonardo Da Vinci examined dead bodies to learn more about human anatomy. At that time it was against the law to cut open the dead, so he secretly opened graves during the night.

Spartan boys started learning about martial arts, hunting, music, philosophy and religion at age seven. They were trained daily for twelve years and they were only allowed to wear one outfit everyday. If they got too fat, they were not allowed to wear any clothing until they lost the excess weight.

Great things do not come from a moderate approach. Pro athletes train six days a week. Successful artists practiced their art for fifteen years or longer. They take everything to the extreme because moderation is what would cause them to fail.

Solution: Focus on what you want to do and do everything you need to achieve your goal. Accept obsession as a great tool for success.

#4 Social Media

Social media is a plague. You spend your time watching the highlights of other people´s lives, comparing them to your own and coming to the conclusion that the best way to achieve happiness is to be liked by EVERYONE. So you start to betray your own values, you bend and bow just to be liked by others.

If you are not careful, your social media feed could turn into an echo chamber. There is only your opinion present on your dashboard, because the algorithm is programmed to make you feel validated. Therefore, you stay on social media even longer and start to lose touch with reality.

Social media is only helpful if you try to build your business with it. If you are just browsing Facebook and Instagram for pleasure, get the hell away from social media! It is secretly ruining your life.

Solution: Quit cold turkey. You don´t need social media in your life.

#5 Complaining

People nowadays are complaining literally all the time. It is impossible to talk to someone without being forced to listen to all the problems they don´t want to solve.

There are only two types of problems:

  1. Problems that can be solved

  2. Problems that can not be solved

If your problem can be solved, you would be better off solving it instead of complaining about it.

If your problem can not be solved, there is no use in complaining. Focus your energy on something else instead.

Solution: Solve your problems instead of talking about them.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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