How Lifestyle Can Increase Your Testosterone

Testosterone has gained a bad reputation. However, healthy testosterone levels are a key element of living a good and active life. All genders need testosterone for a healthy sex life, muscle gain and fat loss.

People think it makes you angry and aggressive, but double blind studies have shown that this is only a placebo effect. If you think that testosterone will make you aggressive, you will be more aggressive if you think you have higher testosterone, even if your testosterone levels stayed the same.

However, especially if you are a male, you absolutely NEED high testosterone! Sadly, many men nowadays suffer from low testosterone without even knowing it. The results are constant fatigue, depression, lack of focus, erectile dysfunction, higher levels of body fat, heart disease and a loss of muscle mass.

Low testosterone levels are the consequence of bad lifestyle choices. And that´s good news, because it means you can drastically raise your testosterone levels by changing your lifestyle.

#1 Eat Animal Fat

Humans are biologically meant to eat meat. Eating lots of animal fats and only few carbohydrates will shoot your testosterone levels through the roof! If you have been eating low fat for a longer time, eating high fat can feel like using steroids. Try it for 90 days if you don´t believe me.

It is also important that you get your fat from animal products like fatty red meat, salmon, eggs and butter. Fats from plants are very unstable and high in inflammatory Omega-6. Minimize those and enjoy a big steak cooked in butter without any side dishes that would distract you.

#2 Use Your Muscles

High testosterone levels not only support muscle growth, muscle growth can also lead to high testosterone levels.

Don´t be that guy who only runs on the treadmill when going to the gym. You need to use your muscles as if your life depended on it. Your workouts should consist of heavy compound lifts like the deadlift, rows, presses and squats. You can worry about building your biceps later.

Those exercises will not only build your muscles, but also burn fat if performed right. After 30-40 minutes at the gym you should be laying in your own sweat, unable to perform another heavy lift. If you can train 90 minutes at the gym, you are doing it wrong!

#3 Sleep

Your testosterone levels are the highest in the morning, because your body produces testosterone while you sleep. If you don´t get regular, good quality sleep, your testosterone levels will decrease rapidly. Sleeping half as many hours as you need to will decrease your testosterone up to 60%.

Find out how many hours you need to sleep to feel refreshed in the morning (usually between six and nine, but very few people can go with only four hours of sleep per night!). This is very individual. If you wake up with a boner, you know you have slept enough.

#4 Skip The Porn

Maybe you have heard of the NoFap movement. It sounds ridiculous at first, but there is real science behind it. The porn industry is still growing and more people than ever before in human history consume porn regularly.

It is not the orgasm itself that decreases testosterone levels. It´s the lack of context. If you can just watch two or more people fucking on your computer screen for free, there is no need to actually put in effort to find a real partner to fulfill your sexual needs. The frequent consumption of porn can also lead to erectile dysfunction and problems to orgasm.

Real sex on the other hand boosts your testosterone (and the testosterone levels of your partner which leads to wanting to have even more sex). To have real sex you also need to follow steps one to three above. Your body is very aware of the difference between sex and masturbation and responds differently.

So the solution for your low libido might be to literally have sex to want more sex.

Bottom line: Eat real, fatty food, get some exercise and some good night´s sleep, have real sex instead of artificial sex. That´s all it takes to get your testosterone back to a healthy level.

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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