How To Overcome Failure

Failure is a natural part of success. If you want to be able to play the piano, you need to make some mistakes first. If you want to ride a bicycle, you need to fall down and hurt your knees first. But if you only fail often enough, you will finally find success.

There is always the silver lining, no matter your situation. Even if you have a foolproof plan, things will go downhill sometimes. Maybe your partner breaks up with you, maybe someone dies, maybe you get hurt, maybe you lose a lot of money. That´s just how life is.

However, you have a choice how to react to adversity. You can either throw a tantrum, cry, bitch and moan about how unfair life is, or you can move on, making new plans, finding a new partner, rebuild what has been crumbling down.

Every problem you face can be turned into opportunity, if you just keep the right mindset. Because your mindset is the only thing you have full control over. Bad things happen in life, so prepare your mind to work in your favor instead of against you.

Do not worry about the if, but instead prepare for the when.

Since you now know that bad things will happen to you, you can start preparing right now. Stop reacting to things happening to you and instead become proactive. That means, when the bad thing you feared actually happens, you already know how to overcome it.

Build your own social circle of friends when your relationship is still great, so you have someone to rely on when the relationship with your partner is failing. Save some money as long as you have some, so losing money will not force you into bankruptcy. Learn what calms you down and helps you recover before depression or illness hits you unexpectedly.

Don´t expect to get help from others. Your first priority should be to able to help yourself in times of need. If you fail to help yourself, you can still ask others. But the problem with relying on other people is that they take your freedom. You can´t be free if you are depending on others.

You are the only one in your life who truly cares about your hopes and dreams (maybe your mother cares as well, but that´s not a given). If a person repeatedly tries to hold you down or even blocks your path to success, cut them out of your life. Your friends and family should help you overcome failure instead of convincing you that failure is best for you.

If YOU don´t take responsibility for your life, no one will. Take action and don´t ask for permission. Even if others think you should react differently faced with failure, never lose your vision out of sight. You know what´s best for you.

Sacrificing yourself or your success just to make other people feel better about themselves is a foolproof plan for failure.

If you have to get work done, your partner should not try to distract you, but should instead support your decisions. Don´t be afraid of having an uncomfortable conversation with them if something about their behavior bothers you, just because you are afraid of hurting their feelings. You gain nothing if you just silently keep on suffering.

People do not change if they have no reason to do so. Life is not a fairytale. You need to move forward to overcome failure. Waiting for others to solve the problem for you is not only useless, but also pathetic and unworthy of a superhero. If there is a problem, try to solve it. Do not ask others to solve it for you, if that can be avoided.

If after reading this post you still have no clue about how to overcome failure, think about what would benefit your future self. Would your future self be thanking you for giving up and doing nothing? Or would your future self be thanking you for making new plans and staying true to your mission? Your choice is all that counts.

Stay strong, fellow superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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