Change Your Body To Change Your Mind

Have you ever met someone who strength trains regularly? Who is being mocked because they spend seemingly all their free time at the gym?

If yes, think about how they reacted to that.

Did they get offended? Or did they just shrug and laugh it off?

I bet, it was the latter, because every seriously fit person I have met in my entire life was confident about their hobby, their way of eating and their lifestyle choices. They just knew they were right and did not care what others think about them.

A fit body will change your view on life. It will increase your confidence and it will teach you discipline.

You don´t believe me? Well, then I challenge you to build a fit body and tell me afterwards it didn´t change your life for the better. Seriously, do it! You can prove me wrong, but you have to put in the work first.

A strong, muscular body is seen as very masculine and therefore attractive. Don´t believe the myth that women prefer a “dad bod”. The movie “Magic Mike” (it´s about male strippers. Hot, masculine bodies all throughout the movie) made over $167 million with a budget of just $7 million.

There´s a reason why women want to see Chris Evans naked rather than their overweight neighbor, who creepily flirts with them.

That is because strength training raises testosterone levels, promising fertility to potential mates. Don´t believe for a second that those masculine traits are somehow evil – they are natural and something you can be proud of. If you want to be a masculine man, don´t let anyone stop you. If you don´t want to be a masculine man, that´s fine with me, but this post is not for you then.

Masculinity demands respect. If people can see that they better not fuck with you, they will respect you before you even said a word to them. That´s the magic of wide shoulders and a strong upper body. It is also true that better looking people also make more money on average than ugly people.

Treating your body well and working it regularly is a form of self respect. You respect yourself enough to take care of your body and other people will notice that.Bildergebnis für pre serum steve

Would you rather mock a skinny, little guy who talks negatively about himself like Captain America Pre-Serum, or would you rather mock a 200 pound guy built like Thor who talks about his success?

Bildergebnis für thor arms

Looking great and admiring yourself in the mirror is also a great way to build confidence. Appearance matters. If you look like Thor, you will feel like Thor. And if people also start to treat you like Thor the prince of Asgard, I bet you will no longer be self conscious.

And if that wasn´t enough, there are even more benefits to working out. Physical activity leads to better mental performance. Science has already proven that push ups before studying work better than a large coffee. However, don´t just believe in science, find your own truth and try it next time you need to focus on an important task.

Try to embody strength in every way possible. Captain America is not only incredibly fit, he also speaks several languages and is an artist. Being strong and smart are both traits of great man. The stereotype of the dumb meat head who lives at the gym are just plain wrong.

Bottom line: Stop sitting around eating pizza and instead go to the gym and eat some steak and eggs! The transformation of your mind is unbelievable once you start the transformation of your body.

If you are overweight, read more about the steak and eggs diet.

If you are a skinny guy, read this guide about muscle building.

Stay (and get) strong, fellow superhero!

Author: modernsuperhero

A superhero never quits!

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