Sugar Free June: Day Eightteen

I haven´t updated in a week because there is really nothing new going on. I have come into a routine of abstaining from sweets (even though the cravings sometimes hit me HARD). It becomes easier, though. Some of my friends started calling me a health nut because I refused going out for ice cream with … Continue reading “Sugar Free June: Day Eightteen”

Sugar Free June: Day Eleven

More than one third of the challenge is over! I started my bulk today and I already know that getting my calories without some ice cream after dinner will become a little bit harder. I upped my carb-intake and immediately felt bloated. However, I felt better during my workout today. And I noticed that distraction … Continue reading “Sugar Free June: Day Eleven”

Sugar Free June: Day Eight

Oh, wow, it´s already Day Eight! I started the day with a lot of meat to keep me full for a longer time. My second meal was pasta before I went to see Deadpool 2 (great movie 10/10). I found myself craving less and less sweets. I haven´t tasted anything sweet in over a week … Continue reading “Sugar Free June: Day Eight”

Sugar Free June: Day Six

I did not post an update yesterday because there just wasn´t anything to write about. I had two low carb meals, went to the gym and did not stumble into any difficulties. Today, though, I suffered from some serious cravings. A medical exam required to not eat anything during the day and around 2 PM … Continue reading “Sugar Free June: Day Six”

Sugar Free June: Day Four

Hey there! After my slip up yesterday I started my day a little bit discouraged but after a great workout at the gym that feeling started to fade. Working out is my miracle cure for every mental problem I faced during the last months. I wasn´t getting hungry until around 11:30 AM and again at … Continue reading “Sugar Free June: Day Four”