Sugar Free June: Day Eightteen

I haven´t updated in a week because there is really nothing new going on. I have come into a routine of abstaining from sweets (even though the cravings sometimes hit me HARD).

It becomes easier, though. Some of my friends started calling me a health nut because I refused going out for ice cream with them. I´m really glad when this challenge is over.

The best way to fight cravings is still drinking lots of water and going for long walks to let my mind wander. If I ever find a better way I will let you know.

How Taking Responsibility For Your Actions Will Change Your Life

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How To Find Your Passion And Live A Happy Life

During the last weeks I wrote about how a passion can give your life a meaning and that working on your passion is literally the best thing you can do in your free time. But there are superheroes out there who don´t even know what their passion might be.

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How To Spend Your Free Time Wisely

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Three Rules For Success In Your Life

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