The Best Cardio For Fat Loss

Nobody likes dieting for a long time that´s why I keep looking for shortcuts to speed up fat loss. While diet and strength training are way more important for fat loss cardio can still assist you on your fat loss journey. Continue reading “The Best Cardio For Fat Loss”

The Health Benefits Of Walking

Walking is an underrated form of cardio. Most people don´t even consider walking “real” cardio because it doesn´t elevate your heart rate like jogging does. Or because almost everyone does it naturally every day without thinking of it as exercise. Continue reading “The Health Benefits Of Walking”

How Bodybuilders Lose Fat So Fast

Bodybuilders live in seasons: Bulking season, cutting season, contest season.

They are physique competitors who earn their money by looking “good” which in this case translates to “muscular, tanned and so, so lean”. That´s Continue reading “How Bodybuilders Lose Fat So Fast”