Once You Stop Learning You Start Dying

I spend a lot of time reading books, e-books, blogs, listening to audio books and watching animated book summaries on YouTube. I´m like a sponge – soaked with knowledge and always learning.

To get familiar with a lot of world views is essential for the successful superhero. Not everyone will share your believes about success and life in general. It is important Continue reading “Once You Stop Learning You Start Dying”

Three Reasons Why Most People Will Never Be Rich

Everybody wants to be rich. Money means independence and freedom. It means social status, luxury and living your preferred lifestyle.

But why are most people poor? The reasons are simple but they still explain why 99% of people will never be rich.

Here are three reasons why you are still poor: Continue reading “Three Reasons Why Most People Will Never Be Rich”

7 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Your Life

Social Media is everywhere these days. Just sit outside a café and watch the other people around you. What are they doing?

Older people are often talking to each other while enjoying their coffee. But most people younger than 50 are glued to their smartphones.

They´re browsing endless Instagram- and Facebook-feeds, uploading pictures and posts waiting for “Likes” for a cheap Continue reading “7 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Your Life”