Five Tips To Be Perceived As More Dominant

Have you ever dreamed of entering a room and everyone inside immediately treats you with the respect of a real leader? Most men have if they have at least small ambitions to get anywhere in their lives.

A dominant man is often perceived as more attractive by females. He gets respected by his fellow males. Continue reading “Five Tips To Be Perceived As More Dominant”

Arguing Is A Waste Of Time

I have to admit: I used to LOVE arguing and discussing everything. And because I read a lot and get into debates a lot I usually have the better arguments at the end of the day.

But do you know what? Even with the best points on my side I NEVER changed someone´s opinion. After the discussion was over they were usually just angry but not convinced of my point of view. Continue reading “Arguing Is A Waste Of Time”

How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Literally everyone has a bad habit he´d rather not have. Maybe it´s drinking. Maybe it´s sleeping in. Maybe it´s emotional eating. Maybe it´s social media. Maybe it´s smoking.

But getting rid of bad habits is hard work. If you ever tried it, you probably already know that. You start out with a lot of motivation but after a week or so you quit. Bad habits are build over years and years. Do not expect to get rid of them within twentyone days. It takes a bit more than that. Continue reading “How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits”

The Best Morning Habits To Set Yourself Up For Success All Day

Routine is natural to us human beings. Routine is what keeps us save and alive. And a routine can make or break your success. Continue reading “The Best Morning Habits To Set Yourself Up For Success All Day”