You Can Change Your Life Anytime

This blog will help you becoming a modern superhero but chances are the life of a superhero will look very differently from your life right now.

So, to become a superhero you need to make changes.

Change Continue reading “You Can Change Your Life Anytime”

How Bodybuilders Lose Fat So Fast

Bodybuilders live in seasons: Bulking season, cutting season, contest season.

They are physique competitors who earn their money by looking “good” which in this case translates to “muscular, tanned and so, so lean”. That´s Continue reading “How Bodybuilders Lose Fat So Fast”

Embrace Being Uncomfortable

Humans hate being uncomfortable. Nobody likes being uncomfortable and certainly nobody tries to be uncomfortable on purpose, right?

Our hatred towards the feeling of being uncomfortable has lead humanity to great technical inventions like Continue reading “Embrace Being Uncomfortable”