Three Reasons Why Most People Will Never Be Rich

Everybody wants to be rich. Money means independence and freedom. It means social status, luxury and living your preferred lifestyle.

But why are most people poor? The reasons are simple but they still explain why 99% of people will never be rich.

Here are three reasons why you are still poor: Continue reading “Three Reasons Why Most People Will Never Be Rich”

How To Achieve Your Goals With The Power Of Your Mind

Our mind dictates our reality. I know this for a fact.

You can not win if you convince your mind that you will lose. Your mind will just accept the fact that you´ll lose without even trying to change that fate.

If you think you are beaten you are. Continue reading “How To Achieve Your Goals With The Power Of Your Mind”

You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Yesterday I had to use the subway during rush hour. I was lucky and found a seat next to a man who looked like he was onehundredandsixtyfour years old. Nobody else wanted to sit next to him because he was smelling like alcohol. Continue reading “You Are Your Own Worst Enemy”