Five Tips To Be Perceived As More Dominant

Have you ever dreamed of entering a room and everyone inside immediately treats you with the respect of a real leader? Most men have if they have at least small ambitions to get anywhere in their lives.

A dominant man is often perceived as more attractive by females. He gets respected by his fellow males. Continue reading “Five Tips To Be Perceived As More Dominant”

5 Tips To Appear More Attractive You Can Use TODAY

First things first: I am NOT going to talk about how you should get a haircut and be in decent shape to appear more attractive. That´s a no-brainer. And I don´t want to waste your time.

I AM going to talk about how to be more attractive if you have got the basics (dress well, shave daily, get rid of extra body fat) right. And the tips below are so specific that you can start using them TODAY. Continue reading “5 Tips To Appear More Attractive You Can Use TODAY”

How To Get Over Your Fear Of Approaching Women

If you are single you are probably seeing beautiful women you want to approach left and right. But you never get around to actually do it. There is always a new excuse you make to yourself to talk yourself out of approaching her. Continue reading “How To Get Over Your Fear Of Approaching Women”

How To Make A Girl Like You

Whenever I watch guys “flirting” with a girl they like I cringe. It´s just horrible to watch how they are practically begging to fail. As a real superhero you should know how to appear attractive to a person you are interested in.

Remember Tony Stark´s charisma. He can get every girl he likes WITHOUT manipulating her into something she doesn´t want. You can be just like him. Continue reading “How To Make A Girl Like You”